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T-Fal Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor

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Lasted a year but just barely


For the price I paid I knew that this was just an introductory juicer but I would have expected the plastic to hold together a little better. The only way that it is still running is with extensive taping and pulp waste. The motor still seems strong though after a year of daily juicing. Ease of Cleaning Brush is laughable, tight spots that never can be cleaned. Versatility/Number of Features high or low only




An Amazing Juice Extractor-Easy Clean Up, Fast, Not Too Loud


After much research I decided to go with the T-Fal Juicer. I have been very satisfied. Great choice. This machine really does a super job at extracting the juice and the pulp is dry. It has a wide mouth feed shoot and you don't have to do much prep work. It has 2 speeds and can handle anything. Not only is the performance A+ but the clean up takes me about 2-3 minutes. I put a small garbage bag in the catch container and that alone cuts down on the cleaning a lot. The brush that comes with this juicer does a great job in cleaning the stainless steel interior blade. Paper towel for a little drip when removing the top components and all the rest of it cleans very fast under hot water. Everything is dishwasher safe as well. I highly recommend this juicer/extractor to anyone that juices daily or once in a while. Love the handle as well. Some machines you must have it lined up perfectly before you can close the clasps but on this juicer you set your parts in place and then the handle goes over the unit and it is sturdy and easy. A big consideration is if you have arthritis in your hands you will find that using this juicer is very easy. This unit also comes with a good size pitcher with a lid on it and .and separator if you don't want the foam For the sale price I bought this at I can honestly say I made the best deal of the year. Pulp Setting Effectiveness You have 2 speeds, so you use the 1 for softer fruits and veggies and #2 for the harder ingredients like ginger. There isn't anything that I have put through this juicer that it won't juice and does it well. You turn the machine on and let it start spinning and add away. If you need to change to another setting then turn the button to #2 and continue to juice once again let the machine spin a few seconds before adding harder veggies and fruits. Stability While in Use Very stable. You simply pull the handle over the machine when all parts are on and while juicing it stays in place. This unit doesn't move around at all. Stays put and never have to worry about it moving and the pitcher leaving the pour spout. Ease of Cleaning It doesn't get much easier then this. This unit can be totally cleaned after a couple uses and you get used to it, in about 2-3 minutes. You put a small garbage bag in the catch bin, no clean up just throw that bag out. You will have 2 pieces to clean and one of them has a rim and i simply take any pulp on the rim and push into the catch shoot before dumping the garbage bag. I rinse and wash that piece in seconds. Then you have the shoot that comes off to clean which is also very easy. I don't use the dishwasher. On this piece I take my sponge and just run it around to be sure it's totally clean..takes seconds. Then the stainless steel piece you simply put a finger on each side of it and pull up. This is your blade and I use the brush that came with the unit and give this a real good cleaning on both sides and the tiny rim around it. Be sure to clean this part fully as this is steel and not durable plastic like the other parts where the pulp and debris simply slides right off with water. Again I can clean this in under a minute. I just brush it real well and all cleaning has to be done before you even drink your juice. Don't worry you will be drinking your juice within a couple minutes. Once your done with your juice you only have the pitcher to clean. I normally make enough juice for one tall glass and don't store the pitcher in the fridge but you could store the juice for a few hours if you wanted to make a very large batch. You do have 1 more part and that is the foam separator which you will love. I don't really mind the foam but sometimes I don't want it. So you simply put this piece inside your pitcher and when pouring your juice into a glass it will separate the foam and leave you with nice fresh juice. Another piece that is easy to clean. The pitcher does open up wide enough to allow you to get into it to clean it. I like that the lid is attached and you won't loose it but it is a very generous size pitcher. Durability I've had my T-Fal juicer for about 6 months and it is very durable. It can handle beets, ginger to simple apples and lemons and any veggies. Versatility/Number of Features It has 2 speeds and you don't need much more. Remember this is a juicer/extractor but takes seconds to juice your goodies. Design The design was well thought out. It does take up some space on your counter but I have a kitchen utility table and store it on that and keeps my counter freed up. It is not heavy and can easily be moved back on the counter when you juice. From the catch bin to the pour spout which goes right into the pitcher provided..very good design.




Great juicer.


Tfal never disappoints me with any of their products. I have their cookware, toaster, and this juicer as well. This juicer is very powerful, durable and easy to use and clean up. Pulp Setting Effectiveness Many different settings to choose from to have as much or as little pulp as you like in your juice. Stability While in Use Very stable unit when not in use as well as when you are using the juicer. Even though this juicer is very powerful, it stays in place and doesn't move around when in use. Ease of Cleaning Even though there is a lot to this juicer, it's very easy to unassemble parts and wash. I put parts in dishwasher and they come out sparkly. It's also very easy to put together again when parts are clean. Durability I've had this juicer for a while and it's as durable as when I first bought it. Very good materials in this juicer and it will probably last for years. Versatility/Number of Features Tons of features to get juice as exact as you want it. Design Very nice looking and very easy to operate.


Bakersfield, CA


T-Fal Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor

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