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T-FAL Emerilware 3-Pound Bread & Baguette Maker

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The bread was okay, the baguettes were fantastic!


Prior to finding out that I have a gluten intolerance, I got the Emerilware Bread & Baguette maker for Christmas. It came with a recipe book, detailed usage instructions, and the baguette insert. I made a few loaves of bread in it. The recipes were tasty but it took several failures to get the high elevation adjustments just right. I wasted a lot of flour making bricks before the bread got better. The baguettes, however, were amazing right away. They cooked perfect every time. They were simple to make and absolutely delicious. Stability While in Use It's noisy, but there's no rocking or hopping when it's kneading. Performance I've used other bread machines where every loaf was perfectly cooked. This one was a bit disappointing in that regard. Ease of Use The machine itself is easy to use and easy to clean. There are a lot of settings though, so you want to be sure that you are very familiar with them before you get started.



worth the money


I got the T-fal Emerilware bread and baguette maker and thought it was a but pricey.  However, it makes wonderful bread and baguettes. For me so worth the money.  I can have different types of bread made as needed and it is easy.  Takes approx 1.5 hours for fresh bread!  Clean-up is a snap as well with the non-stick loaf pans.  There are so many pre-programmed settings to chose from.  I also love the keep warm setting, nice when dinner isn't quite ready. Comes with several tools including the brush and removable baguette tray. Can also get ready and not start the bread for several hours if needed. Another nice option is the crust settings, I tend to like medium but one could make it lighter or darker depending on their preference. The recipes that is comes with have all been very good. Can make dough for pizza, quick breads and all sorts of options. I had heard bread machines are loud this one to my delight wasn't at all.

Hatboro, PA


T-FAL Emerilware 3-Pound Bread & Baguette Maker

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