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4-Slice Toasters
T-FAL Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster

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Great Toaster!


I purchased this toaster a year ago when my old one broke and I am so glad I did. The T-FAL Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster has some excellent features. There are dials that let you adjust the heat/amount of toasting you get. It also has a stop button that allows you to stop the toasting whenever you want. Arguably my favorite feature is the button that allows you to raise the bread (or whatever) out of the toaster, this makes it so that you do not have to reach your fingers inside the toaster and risk burning yourself. If you are looking for a great quality toaster, I would highly recommend this Avante one! Safety The raising button allows you to raise whatever you're toasting out of the toaster so that you do not have to reach your fingers inside. Ease of Cleaning This toaster is a little bit hard to clean, but that comes with almost any toaster. Durability I have had this toaster for a little over a year and it still works great. Design The toaster is a little bulky, so it takes up a bit of counter space, but other than that the design is great!




Great toaster.


I picked up the T-Fal Classic Avante 4 slice toaster on the design alone. It was inexpensive, and looked like a chic/modern well made toaster. I like that it has a place for four slices of bread. I have to make bread in the morning for three people and this speeds up the process, using a regular toaster takes forever. I always get perfect even toast just the way I like it with this toaster. The toaster is very easy to use, even people who are horrible with machines would have an easy time using this. It also looks great in any kitchen because of the design, and doesn't take up any space. It's also very durable. I go through toasters like crazy, and this one has lasted me awhile, which is great because of the price. If it dies I would probably buy the same toaster again. Toasting Evenness I get even toast just the way I like it, every time I use it. Because of the settings you can have toast as light or dark as you want it. Safety It's very safe to use, and I've never had any safety issues with it. As long as you clean it out, you won't have any problems with anything catching fire. If you forget to clean out the crumbs, there sometimes will be this burning smell. It's unpleasant. Ease of Cleaning It's very easy to clean. I just flip it over and shake all the crumbs out into the garbage can. If you need to clean the outside, I just take a paper towel with some water and wipe it off. Durability This toaster is very durable. I've had it for quite awhile, and haven't had any problems with it. All long as you clean the crumbs out and take care of it, you won't have any problems with it. Design You would think this was a high end toaster or something by this design. It looks very expensive, and modern. The black and silver go great with any kitchen. The different settings are easy to use, and easy to read because of the design of this toaster.


Stroudsburg, PA


T-Fal 4 slice toaster


I have owned my T-fal classic avante four slice toasted for years now and I think it's great! The price was reasonable for a four slice toaster and this toaster is extremely durable. I have used it for years and have had no problems with it so I have definitely gotten my money's worth! This toaster is really easy to use and it has several different heat settings which is great for toasting different things like bagels, toast, English muffins, and poptarts. I set my desired temperature and push it down and it toasts my food quickly and thoroughly. I also love how I can fit 4 slices of toast in here which is great for busy mornings when I don't have time to toast multiple items back to back and wait on them. My only complaint is that cleaning the inside of this toaster is not that easy. It's hard to get in there to wipe it out because of how small the space is. This toaster is also very lightweight which was great when I was moving! Overall I am very satisfied with the T-fal four slice toaster and would definitely recommend it!




One great toaster


This toaster has to be the best ever made,has large slots for bagels,different temp settings for items that are frozen can be placed in the toaster and get the right temp.Bagel setting,and the simple toaster setting .Easy clean up,cool touch exterior,crumb slot on bottom to empty crmbs




Great for bagels


This toaster is really good when you want to toast bagels. They come out just about perfectly every time. It doesn't do quite so well with bread since it tends to brown unevenly, so you need to learn to adjust for this issue. I like the "crumb catcher" tray that makes it easier to keep the toaster clean, and the machine has excellent safety features. Toasting Evenness Does great with bagels, not so great with bread


Fond Du Lac, WI


T-Fal Toaster


I would love to find a toaster that is does not have the wide holes for toasting bagels.  I think the old fashioned toasters, with the smaller holes for toast, made the bread softer and hotter when it came out of the toaster.  I can not find the old fashion toaster any more and I  have not choice but to use the wide hole toasters. 


Mineola, NY


TeFal Toaster - Love this Toaster!


This is the best toaster I have ever had.  I have had it for 8 years now!  Most toasters I have had in the past may last a  year or a bit more but this TeFal Avanti toaster lasts long and works great!  It has so many features that are so handy and accommodating.  I love the bagel side.  It accommodates a large, thick bagel and has a bagel button that toasts the outside evenly while leaving the inside just warmed and not too toasty.  The bagels are toasted the best and if you want to stop the toasting early or check it out, there even is a stop button which really comes in handy.  The four slice toaster is a great option.  Every type of bread I have toasted in the TeFal toaster has toasted evenly.  The chrome and black look is great for the kitchen and the chrome never gets hot to the touch - that is a great feature!  All in all, I have been very satisfied with both the performance and look of this nice toaster!  It may be on the more expensive side, but worth every penny!


North Royalton, OH


Our T-Fal Toaster looked great, worked well, but didn't last.


We have had our T-Fal Toaster for only a couple years and it no longer works.  Two of the slots only toast on one side -- and the other two slots either toast very lightly and have to be pushed down a couple times to get toast brown or do not pop up at all and burn toast to a crisp.  We have had toasters in the past that lasted for years until they were outdated (*e.g., *too thin to toast bagels) and we replaced them -- not because they didn't work, but because they no longer met our toasting needs.  We are very disappointed in the short life of our T-Fal Toaster.




Not as good as expected


I was willing to pay more for this toaster because it was highly reviewed when I purchased it. It holds adjust to fit bread, bagels, frozen waffles, whatever you ned to toast. It has a bagel button and reheat feature which was appealing. Unfortunately, it toast darker on one side then the other (without the begal button pushed). It takes longer to toast then my previous cheaper toaster. It is very large as well - takes up too much counter space. Not recommended. Too much for the average quality.


Broken Arrow, OK


It's fast and easy


I am very pleased with the Avanti 4 Slice Toaster.  It's fast and easy to use, and gets the job done in no time.I love that it makes four pieces of toasts at once.  With a family of four, it gets brunch ready twice as fast and keeps all of the pieces of toast warm.  The only complaints are that it takes up more counter space due to the fact that it's a four slice toaster, but what toaster isn't going to take up space.


Grand Forks, ND


T-FAL Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster

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