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2-Slice Toasters
T-FAL Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster

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t-fal - 2 slice toaster is engineered right.


The T-Fal-2 slice toaster is engineered very nice.  It has features which had a lot of thought.   The release button used for stopping the toasting is great.  I also like the way the mechanism comes around the bread as it is toasted.  Making it stay in place.  Ours is the black not the stainless steel a very good looking item.  Also, with the toaster pointed at you instead of the customary side-by-side  makes a lot more sense.  The price was very competitive also.

Glendive, MT


Average Toaster


I have had this toaster for about 5 years now, so the quality and craftsmenship of it is good. I like the feature it has to "lift" your toast or other item when it is done so you don't have to stick your fingers into a hot toaster. I also like the extra-wide slots that easily fit each half of a bagel in their respective slots. It does toast evenly and it even has a "bagel" feature so that it will only toast the "inside" of your bagel and not the outside. The toaster does catch and keep a lot of crumbs though. Even though it has a built in crumb catcher tray, it still manages to get crumbs where they will not fall onto this tray. I am actually actively looking for a new toaster now for that very reason.

Taylorsville, NC


Finally a toaster without problems


As with most people they realize that products are not made with the quality they used to be. We would probably go through 1 toaster a year because the things were just junk. My husband found this T-fal toaster on sale and brought it home one day. Its been 5 years and the thing works like the first day we got it. It toasts evenly and never has any problems burning the food. The cord is long enough so its not right next to the wall. I love the bagel and reheat features. You need these if you ever eat toaster strudels which are always frozen in the middle. The only negative I can think of is that I wish there was an easier way to clean it out. There is one tray at the back but it doesn't really clean it very well. Usually I just turn it upside down over the garbage.

Michigan City, IN


This T-Fal toaster is great


I've been using this t-fal toaster for years now and absolutely love it. My toast always comes out evenly toasted and the cook settings are perfect. I've had other high priced toasters and never found one that toasts as well as this one. Many have either over toasted on the lowest settings or only toasted on side of the bread. T-fal does it right every time. Cleaning the crumb tray is a snap as well. I've made frozen waffles and streudels and have hjad great results every time. The toaster is a bit bigger than some and does take up more counter space than I'd like but it looks good so I don;t mind leaving it out on the counter. If I know I won;t be using it for awhile or I just need to free up some space, it's not too big to store in a cupboard or on top of the fridge. It's lightweight and easy to clean. The angled design makes removing food a breeze and allows you to see what is toasting. I will definitely be buying another t-fal toaster when it's time to replace the one I have.

Larksville, PA


This is the only toaster you will ever need


I love this T-Fal 2 - slice toaster, as a matter of fact, I just told my daughter to buy one this morning, because it will toast anything.  The wide slots will fit fat, thin, small, big or odd shapes and they toast perfect !!   The lever to lift up the bread is such a great idea.  You can turn the dial to toast to your desire.  I have had my T - Fal Toaster for seven years and it still works perfect and I have toast just about every morning.  It is well worth the price.

Sevierville, TN


Making toast is FUN in this toaster!


This T-Fal 2-slice, extra wide will toast bagels, as well as breads, to perfection!  I especially love the lever that raises the finished toast or bagel so I don't have to "dig into" the toaster to retrieve my toast.  I like my bread toasted any time of the day, not just at breakfast, so I really use my toaster.  After going through MANY toasters in the past, I'm delighted to at last be HAPPY with my T-Fal stainless steel 2-slice toaster.  You would be, too!

Mayfield, KY


T-FAL Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster

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