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Dog & Puppy Pee Pads
T. Bumpkins & Co.
T. Bumpkins & Co. Washable Doggie Pee Pad

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So Disgusting


I worked as a chore provider for a woman who insisted upon using these reusable Washable Doggie Pee Pads. Since she was bedridden much of the time, it fell upon me to wash the pee pads. Now don't get me wrong, I understand why she wanted to use these instead of the more traditional disposable pee pads. It saves a lot of money when you can wash the pads and reuse them. She had 4 tiny dogs who regularly used these pads to relieve themselves in the house. Also, these seem to be considerably larger than the disposable kind of pee pads. For me though, the good definitely does not outweigh the bad. First of all if the dog poops you have to remove it from the pad and dispose of it. Disposable pads can just be rolled up around the poop and tossed away. Second, even if your dog only urinates on the pad before you wash it, you are still placing a dog urine soaked pad in to the washing machine where you also toss your clothes, yuck. Lastly, if the dog has diarrhea it's a mess you have to figure out how to dispose of. My employers dogs had this last problem often and it was downright disgusting. I don't care what pretty patterns they come in or how much money can be saved. It's still not worth the trouble!

Southfield, MI


T. Bumpkins & Co. Washable Doggie Pee Pad

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