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Sylvania in. HDTV LCD TV

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Sylvania LC220SS1 22 in. HDTV LCD, good value for the money


The TV was easy to unpack and set up, the included stand worked well and was easy to attach, though we felt we wanted a more secure mounting so we bought a wall mount, which worked quite well. The remote works as expected and going through the set up and options was quick so we were able to start watching TV right away. The buttons on the TV itself are unobtrusive and maybe hard to find sometimes, but still work well. The picture quality is good, and HD looks real nice on this TV. The eco setting on the TV is okay, but we tend to turn it off as the display is too dim under this setting. The aspect ratio works well and can be quickly switched through all of the range of settings, which is useful when you are watching a mixture of widescreen and non-widescreen media. The sound is okay, it seems typical for the small amount of space allowed for speakers. Turning it up doesn't cause any distortion or vibration. There's a good number of jacks and inputs, but of course you can always use more ;) There are two HDMI jacks, one component set, and one component and audio left/right jacks as well as a coaxial antenna jack, S-video, VGA PC input and accompanying audio input, digital audio out (for output to a receiver or sound system), and a few others including a USB for something called Fun/Link if you have other Sylvania equipment hook-ups. Possibly this is also used to upgrade the software for the TV, like on other equipment. There is also a headphone jack, a nice addition. Overall I think you'll find this moderately-priced medium-range TV to your liking. I wish the speakers were slightly better but they aren't bad as-is. Very good value for the price of the unit.

Watertown, NY


Sylvania in. HDTV LCD TV

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