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Sylvania Pedestal Fan with Remote Control (FAN16INPED)

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Out dated


The Sylvania Remte Control Pedastal fan (Product number FAN16INPED) is an item that I believe is long past it's prime. This fan is 16 inches in diameter and about 4 feet tall. When you are sitting and the fan is turning and air is constantly blowing on you, this fan is a gem. However I found that someone (usually me0 was always bumping into the fan and or tipping it over. We had to be very careful when children were around as we did not want any accidents. In years gone by this was the only type of fan on the market, but tofay things are different. There are slim tower fans and others where you do not have to worry about a body part or any other ogject getting stuck in the blades. This fan is slightly noisy. And newer fans are not. Eventually the fan dismounted from the pole. And we were forced to purchase something different. So for safety reasons I woul not recommend this fan unless you re older and do not have a lot of traffic in your home.

Roanoke, VA


Sylvania Pedestal Fan with Remote Control (FAN16INPED)

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