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Sylvania - LD-200SL8 TV/DVD Combo Television

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Perfect TV for its price


The price of this television was right on par with what one would expect from a non top of the line model. But as an added bonus to most televisions this one also includes a DVD player built right into the side. At first I was weary of the slide in a dvd siedeways style of inserting a disc, but after a few times I became accostumed to it and it was fine. The picture quality is splendid, dvds play perfectly well and the remote responds like a dream. This is definitely a great product for its price. If you want to watch DVDs and have a nice sized tv without having the additional cost (or space taken up by) a dvd player, this television is definitely the way to go, you will not be dissapointed, I know I'm not.

Colchester, VT


Great quality great price


Video quality is great and you cant beat the price.  I know someone who has a 50 inch and they've had it for 3 years with no problems.  These are good TV's.  The new ones have two HDMI inputs which can be used for Blue Ray or PS3.  You can also hook up a PC to your TV and change your aspect ratio in your display settings to 1068 * 768.

Escondido, CA


Sylvania - LD-200SL8 TV/DVD Combo Television

4.5 2