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Sylvania LC370SS9 37" HDTV LCD TV

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Good for the times, but only works with remote it came with.


I purchased this television in 2008 as my first flat panel television to replace my smaller tube set. I immediately noticed a huge difference between the two types and was very excited to start watching all my favorites movies and shows. The sound and picture were wonderful and I had no issues for the first year. Somehow I broke the remote that came with it and could not find a universal remote that would work with this television. I was even unable to get my cable provider's remote to work, the technician tried his hardest. Apparently this was the only TV that would only work with the manufacturers remote, and when I tried contacting Sylvania it was nearly impossible to get through, and the price of a replacement through them was more than I was willing to pay. So I have used this for these years remoteless. I am still able to use my set, but the buttons to change the channel have had issues for the last 2 years, The channel up is not too bad and only messes up a few times a year, but the channel down button usually changes the volume instead, so I have to go through all the channels even if I want to just go down 1. That sucks, since I mostly use it for streaming through my Wii and watching dvds, which require different special channels. I have had this TV for 6 years now, and the picture is still good, although some pixels are probably burned out. I will say that it did what I wanted it to, but of all the available choices now, I would not buy this one again unless it was extremely cheap and the remote issue was fixed.



Love it!


We are very happy with our Sylvania 37" television. We went from a small TV to this one and it seemed huge! We've not had any difficulty with it whatsoever and really enjoy it. It is clear, warms up quickly, and shuts down quickly. Performance It does put off a bit of heat, but it's only noticeable if it's a very warm day.

Monmouth, OR


Sylvania LC370SS9 37" HDTV LCD TV

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