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Blu-Ray Player
Sylvania - Blu-Ray Player

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Pausing and Restarting Features of the Sylvania NB530SLX BluRay


The first time we watched a Blu-Ray on this Sylvania Blu-Ray player, we were impressed. But what really caught our attention the second time we watched the same movie was that the Blu-Ray player recognized the movie! At the start menu, it asked us, "This movie has been watched before. Would you like to continue where you left off?" and it gave you the option to click yes, and continue where you stopped, or click no, and move to the main menu. That was a feature we weren't even aware existed on the Blu-Ray player and it was impressive. I like that the Blu-Ray player plays both Blu-ray and DVDs. I dislike that when you put a Blu-Ray or a DVD in the machine it takes quite a while for it to load and read the disc in the first place. On an odd note, the power button is on the right side and the slot in which you place the disc is on the left. That seems backwards to me and has taken some getting used to. The machine does have a little LCD "screen" which blinks "Hello" when you turn it on, and keeps the counter running on the movie you're watching.

Mcdonough, GA


Good for a starter


I bought this Blu-ray player during a very awesome sale since I needed my first blu-ray player to play my blu-ray movies. The player is simple, easy to use, and does its job fairly well.  I would say that the player is more of a budget gadget if you are looking for a blu-ray player to start of with.  The player comes with a remote, which offers quite a bit of functionality and still straight-forward to be able to figure out. The design of the player is simple, sleek, and sexy! I love the quality of the movies that the player is able to play so far. All of my movies look very sharp and nice without any problems like lags.  As of yet, I do not need to update my the software on my blu-ray player either to play some movies that may require a software update to view the quality of the images. The only drawback to this simple starter blu-ray player is the speed. I find it extremely slow when it is opening/closing and trying to load my movies.  I often mistaken that the blu-ray player has not even turned on or has problems reading the discs, when in fact, it loves to take its sweet time. Overall, I am still very happy with it since it is a simple and cost efficient player.

Los Angeles, CA


Sylvania BluRay CD Player is reasonable priced, simple to use.


I am not very knowledgable about technical things, and I don't have a lot of money.  This  player was very reasonable priced, and easy to hook up to my TV.  I have had it for about a year, and have had no problems. 

Sahuarita, AZ


Sylvania - Blu-Ray Player

4.0 3