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Portable DVD Player
Sylvania - 7 in. Portable Player with Screen

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Sylvania portable dvd works great.


My little one has recently found dvd's and is excited to watch them after daycare to wind down and relax, however, my hubby and I do not find the songs relaxing and got tired of having the dvd's on! So we broke down and bought this Sylvania portable dvd player for her to sit in her little chair and watch her dvds! It's been great it charges quickley or you can use it while it's plugged in! It is very easy to use and it is easily adaptable to use in the car. It has a swivel screen and comes with a case and all of the cords (including headphones!). So far this has been a great buy and the prices are better then most of the other portable dvd players out there. I would suggest this if you are looking for a portable dvd player!

Indian River, MI


Great for everything!


Honestly, I had swore we'd never have one of these.  What kid needs to watch a movie on a 10-minute trip, anyway?  (at least that was what I always said to myself and my husband to keep us from buying one.)  Then low and behold in come the dreaded GRANDPARENTS with one of these fancy portable dvd players and I groaned inside- oh no! Now we won't be able to go to the corner store and back without having to watch a dvd!  But within 2 days, I was in love.  This thing is great for those 45 minute + road trips BECAUSE the battery WILL NOT die!  No stretching the cord from the front seat to the back and trying to explain to my 3-year-old what happened when it came unplugged and the player died.  Nope- this baby stays charged for hours and the operation is very simple.  It is also great for a back-up dvd player for the house- ours died and my husband expertly hooked this thing up to the "big" tv and we were off watching dvd's on it, too.  Worth every penny I didn't spend! :)

Yadkinville, NC


Sylvania - 7 in. Portable Player with Screen

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