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Sylvania 7-Inch Mini Tablet


The Sylvania 7" Tablet will allow you to surf the net anywhere and anytime. Compact and ultra light with a touch screen puts all of your web browsing at your fingertips. The Android 2.1 OS allows you access to thousands of apps to make your tablet your own. You can also store and view your music, movies and pictures through the tablets on board micro SD slot. You can turn this tablet into the ultimate media player and still surf the web. Installed Features. Movie Player. Music Player. E-Book Reader. Picture Viewer Web Browser. Calculator . Touch Screen. WiFi. Processor: Arm 11, 1GHz. 7" High Res Screen (800 x 480 pixels). 256MB RAM. 2GB Flash Memory. Micro SD Card(Up to 16GB). 2 Mini USB Slots. HDMI output. Android 2.1 System Updates The system updates feature on this tablet enables you to conveniently update your software so you don't miss a beat. Whenever updates and features are released, update you're your Mini Tablet so you can keep up with ever changing tech, including the upcoming Android 2.2 OS update!

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Not a good tablet


I purchased this tablet through a discount website. Once I received it I discovered that the wifi capability is extremely limited regardless of the speed that you have at home. I could not keep a wifi strength for longer than five minutes in order to even download any apps.



This is a great tablet for a great and reasonable price


I had recently purchased the Sylvania Mini as a replacement for a Pan digital. I love this tablet. It has all the updated features just like the more expensive tablet and lots of memory. I had as a precaution purchased a sd card as well just as a back up and I have never as of yet had to use it. I have downloaded lots of great books and of course lots of games for my son. He loves it as well. The touch screen is not very sensitive and if you accidentally touch it you wont loose your spot or go off to another page. The only real problem I have noticed with the tablet is the battery life. If you are doing anything like reading or playing games you better have a back up power source. And it will just shut off on you when the battery is low, Other than that I love this tablet Way worth the money .. Battery Life Battery life is poor, games and reading with completely diminish the battery in no time and it will automatically shut off on you . Must have a back up plan in regards to battery like a power cord. Processing Speed Most of the time the processing speed is fair to good. I have not run into any problems as of yet Weight Not to light weight you know you are holding something on your lap or in your hands. You wont stand up and drop it on the floor not remembering its there. App Availability 1000s of apps just like the more expensive tablets. Great selection. And majority of the apps are available for this tablet to. I have only run into a problem twice when the app was not compatible with the tablets programming. Design Love it! Very sleek light weight not to heavy. Does not however fit into the standard sleeve for 7 inch tablets. Hard to find sleeves and cases. either to big or to small. Durability I have never dropped my tablet and hope I never do. I am not sure about the durability as I don't mistreat my electronics and treat them with kid glove. So as of current I would have to say I haven't had any problems with this tablet and the durability

Richlands, NC


good 1st tablet


Inexpensive option for viewing email, read books, play games. Size is easy to put into carryon bag or even purse. Battery Life fairly good battery time Processing Speed Speed is rather slow next to other tablets I use Weight weight is good App Availability Lots of anroid apps are available now Design navigating the layout and where to find things takes a little time Durability no issues



Sylvania 7-Inch Mini Tablet

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