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Sylvania 450-watt 10-Speed Blender

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Not Worth the Money


We purchased the blender to use occasionally. During the time we had it, we may have used it a dozen times. The last time we used it the blender container started to move. I stopped the blender and could hear parts moving around inside. I took it apart and discovered all three of the anchors that held the shaft in place had broken. They were plastic and apparently the force of rotating the shaft caused them to break..



Made Me Blend Over Backwards, Using This!


My daughter bought me this Sylvania Blender, last year. Think she wanted it for herself because she walked in with all the ingredients to make pina coladas! She couldnt wait to set it up..lol Anyways, this is a 450 watt, 10-Speed Blender. Sounds perfect, so we thought. Before we used it, we washed the filter cap, lid, glass jar, gasket ring and blade assembly. We let it all dry out for a few then put it back together, to start our pina coladas. We added all the ingredients, including the ice, then attempted to turn the machine on. It didnt budge. Grabbed the instruction booklet-again. Said to press the off button to release any other buttons that may be pressed. We did that. It also said to select a speed. We did that. Still nothing. My daughter gave up while I stood there pressing every button that was on this blender. Dont know what I did, but it finally cranked up! I was determined to try out the pina coladas!..lol...I wouldnt recommend this to a friend!

obɐɔıɥɔ, IL


Sylvania 450-watt 10-Speed Blender

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