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Sylvania - 37 in. LCD TV

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Impressed with this television.


I have recently purchased a thirty seven inch Sylvania flat screen HDTV which so far as I can tell is a very decent purchase and investment. with three HDMI inputs, a coaxial input, componet input and RCA video input there is practically nothing (componet) you can not connect directly into it. The picture quality through regular inputs and even through HDMI inputs really are superb.The personal screen adjustments in the menu offers a huge amount of selections that one has a choice to choose from, just to get the outcome individually perfect. Many other items are also available for personalization via your settings menu/setup. Such as Audio which would be in the form of an equalizer for just the right amount of tweekin or automatic preset settings to select if that happens to be the route which is preffered. Not to leave out the large amount of sound that the factory speakers produce, extremely enhances movies and gaming.

Marshalltown, IA


Sylvania is a truste brand


We purchased this Sylvania 37 inch television over six months ago. It replaced a standard television which was actually larger than 37 inches. We are very happy with the purchase. We purchased this television at a mass retailer and the price was very reasonable. The picture is fantastic whether we are watching movies from the DVD player or watching HDTV via cable. The picture is very clear from almost every angle. There are plenty of input/output options so you can hook up several components. We do not currently have surround sound hooked up to the television, but the sound is excellent even without the enhancement. This is the second Sylvania we have purchased and find that they are easy to put together (you have to attached the television to the stand after you purchase) and reliable in every way. I would recommend this television to anyone wanting an affordable and wonderful picture. Enjoy!

Orlando, FL


Sylvania - 37 in. LCD TV

5.0 2