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Sylvania - 32 in. LCD TV

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This Sylvania 32" LCD TV is Fantastic!


I purchased this television for myself as a Christmas Present and I am so glad that I did.  It has a wonderful picture and it looks way more expensive than it was.  I was going from a television I had for approximately 12 years and was ready for the clear pictures of these new tvs.  I put everything together by myself!  The instructional manual was spot on, if I had any questions they were right there, with pictures to show how as well!  I do not have cable or any of that and my old tv was only getting me 4 channels, well, I still don't have cable or anything but I now get 18 channels, that are as clear as day!  I was sure anything would be better than what I had but this television far exceeded my expectations.  I have my DVD hooked up to it and intend to hook up a Wii entertainment center/game system to it as well.  I was thrilled with the price, the ease of putting it together, the instructions that made it go so easily and efficiently and felt real proud that I did it myself. I would very much reccomend this tv to anyone who wants a great tv at a very good price.

Wichita, KS


Sub Par TV


The LC320SLX is a low end TV offering the lowest possible specs, components and price. Funai (Sylvania) markets this TV for department stores targeting consumers looking for low cost deals. The off side to the price is little to no costumer support, poor quality manufacturing, and a one year warranty. The LC320 models in general are sub par in performance and engineering. 720p and 60hz is the lowest possible quality you can buy for a LCD, LED or a plasma. The LC320 models generally have a life of about 1 to 3 years before the board burns out. Funai (Sylvania) has a record for making cheap TV's and you get what you pay for. The best word of advice I can give is to spend a little more and save a lot more in the long run.

Scotts Valley, CA


Great TV for the money


We've had this particular television for about ten months now.  And we couldn't be happier with our purchase.  First of all, the price was fantastic.  We wanted to take the plunge into getting a flat-screen hi-def television, but a lot of the prices out there were terrifying.  This Sylvania, however, was affordable for our budget, allowing us to get the new experience we wanted without having to break the bank in the process.  My favorite thing--other than the price--is the picture quality.  I'm very impressed with how crisp and clear the picture on the screen is.  Of course, those programs or movies in hi-def are very crisp, but even the things we watch on the television that are not keyed for hi-def are extremely vibrant and clear.  The television is also lightweight.  I've had to move it myself a few times while rearranging the house and have never had a problem picking it up and relocating it.  I feel like this television gives you the best of all worlds.  A plasma hi-def experience without the insanely high cost.

Greenville, SC


Sylvania - 32 in. LCD TV

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