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Sylvania - 19 in. TV

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My Sylvania Tv is awesome


The look is sleek and fine lines. The picture quality is perfect. It is easy to set up and connect to other devices. The remote is easy to use but a little too bigh. The stand is sturdy and trustworthy. I the sound on the tv is like nothing else. You can use the sound options to change it to music or movies. There are features on this remote that I still haven't figured out though.

Decatur, GA


Sylvania 19in TV OK Value


This TV is relatively inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. From even a short distance, the image quality is grainy, though the further back you get the better the image appears; that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not good either, as the image overall tends to stay somewhat grainy, and at times a bit distorted. One great function is the ability to switch the format of the screen (Normal, 16:9, Movie Expand, Zoom, and Wide). The audio quality is fair as well; at 40 it's still somewhat quiet, but you start getting great sound quality at around 50. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but having to start at 40 and work up for good sound quality isn't really a good thing. This TV also takes a little bit to start up; around five seconds from the time you press the power button to the time it actually comes on. The TV comes with adapters for connecting a computer, DVD player, game system, and speakers. It's very easy to use and set up, space-friendly, and great for a first TV; major TV fans or film buffs probably want to invest in something a bit higher quality when it comes to visuals and auio, though.

Harrisburg, PA


Won't buy this brand again!


I received this Sylvania television as a gift for Christmas in 2009 and just after the warranty expired (very conveniently) in January of 2011, the television stopped working. There was no explanation as to why the television stopped working as it had not been moved, and nothing unusual (i.e. power outages, etc.) had happened. I turned the television off one night, and it started to make a high pitched buzzing noise. I tried to turn it back on, and nothing would work. I expect much more durability and a product that will last well beyond the manufacturer's warranty. My big old fashioned cathode ray tube television lasted for twenty years! I may sound like an old geezer, but this new fangled technology just didn't cut it for me! I didn't really notice poor quality in the picture, but again, I'm an old geezer, so who knows! Overall, I would suggest that you could spend your money better by choosing a different brand.

Longview, WA


Sylvana lcd DON'T BUY THIS TV


I thought I was getting a great deal!  Little did I know. I was so excited to get my first flat screen tv, I could hardly wait.  I took it home, hooked it up, and tyrnd it on.  As the day progressed, the screen would go blank, followed up by the words video and then the picture came on again.  After 2 days I was fustrated, and called th manufacturer.  I was instructed to take it back ad get another.  It was a hassle, but I did just that.  Again, I was excited to get it home and hook it up.  The same thing happened again.  I can only surmise that this is a built in flaw of this television.

Livingston, TX


doesn't have a clear image


Usually this tv has a bad reception it tends to go black when i doesn't have signal. It's frustrating getting up to fix the antenna and sometimes the image wont show anymore. All the channels you want to see wont show as well. I believe it was better before when there was no digital tv because at least when there was no good reception you were still able to see your favorite tv shows. But now there is no option at all.

Harbor City, CA


Sylvania - 19 in. TV

2.8 5