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Swisher Trim-N-Mow

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Looks good but not enough power to cut weeds


The motor runs good but when engaging the mower the motor overloads and dies when cutting weeds or anything. I ordered a 2nd one and it does the same thing. It is no good for even light grass. I cannot use it. It is expensive piece of junk. The idea is good but the motor is not strong enough to cut. I will have to just keep using my handheld weed eater.

Anderson, SC


not for trimming


I have to replace string every 6 feet when trying to trim grass on long driveway.there is no height adjustment,so you have to tilt back and it gouges out your lawn on the back end. I end up using my $150.00 string edger that does a far superior job. Save your money!!

Alberta Canada


Awesome For Clearing Areas!


I had an area of my yard which had become overgrown with slowly encroaching weeds. There were no woody weeds but they were quite tall and it was a rather large area that needed to be cleared so after looking into the options I purchased the Swisher Trim-N-Mow. I must say that I have never actually used this for mowing but for weeds and brush it is amazing! This just powers right through all sorts of green matter. Some of the weeds I was going through were at least four feet tall and it zipped right through them. There's no bagging feature (obviously) so you need to remove the debris after you are done mowing but it is well, well worth it. This is a push model, not self propelled, so it can be a bit hard on the back and arms. Expect to feel it the day after you use it. If your weeds are on the brushier side then it may be even more difficult to handle. I've used this a handful of times over the five or six years I've owned it (about once a year or so). It always performs beautifully. There's almost zero maintenance beyond replacing the little cutter thing but that's it. I really highly, highly recommend this to anyone looking to clear an area of brush and weeds. While it will not work on small trees, it works beautifully on all other green matter.

Vernon Rockville, CT


This lawn trimmer is like a tornado on wheels!


The Swisher Trim-N-Mow can be described as a super-powerful weed trimmer on wheels. Instead of having to hold the trimmer in your hands, you walk behind it just like you would a lawnmower. But with just two wheels, it is much easier to push than a standard trimmer and A LOT more powerful. This thing is so powerful, in fact, it's a bit scary. If you have a regular-size yard, I don't think you'd have much use for the Swisher Trim-N-Mow. However, we needed it to try to keep the ditch in our front yard under control. Since moving into our new home over one year ago, we have tried to find a solution to maintaining the enormous ditch that is approximately 200 feet in overall length. We've tried regular weedeaters, lawnmowers, weed killers and poisions, but nothing worked. This product has cut down my time on the ditch by several hours and has reduced a lot of back pain that was involved with the process before. Performance The Swisher Trim-N-Mow is not playing around when it comes to trimming grass, weeds, brush, thick pompous grass, and basically anything that gets in its way. Handling I have a very bad back, and trying to hold a regular weedeater is difficult for me. I found the Swisher Trim-N-Mow to be a lot easier for me to work with, and because there are only two wheels to maneuver instead of four (like on a lawnmower), it required very little effort to pull in in and out of the ditch. Durability It cuts through everythinng in its path. It's tough. It doesn't use standard size string to demolish weeds and grass. Instead, it uses two extremely thick and pre-cut lines at once. That's double the power and durability of a traditional trimmer. Safety This thing is not a toy. IT IS DANGEROUSLY POWERFUL. Although we purchased it thinking our boys could help out with mowing and trimming the ditch with it, there was no way I would allow them to touch it after seeing it in action. My oldest son is 16, and I still don't feel comfortable allowing him to use it. For safety reasons, you must wear goggles (included with purchase) to protect your eyes, and I also wore a dust mask over my face because the tornado-like action stirred up a lot of dust and debris. Ease of Use This is a gas-powered trimmer that must be started with a pull-string. I have a very hard time starting this thing up on my own and often have to call my husband to help. It also has a tendency to overheat after 30 - 45 minutes of use and will shut off altogether. This could be because of the Herculean task we were putting it through with the high grass and weeds, but it was still frustrating to continue having to stop and start over and over again. Engine Power Watching this thing destroy whatever got in front of it was, literally, like watching a mini tornado tear down a small forest. The moment the Swisher Trim-N-Mow came in contact with anything, it was quickly demolished. Amazing does not begin to describe this thing!

Jacksonville, NC


Swisher Trim-N-Mow

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