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Swiffer Advanced Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Vacuum

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Nice chemical to clean


I have laminated floors so I cant mop it. Therefore you use this product and it does the job. It cleans but I question the chemicals if I was to drop food or something on the floor, is it safe to put in mouth? And I wish it came in a bigger container. It's not cheap and I have to wait for a coupon, discount or sale to get it. The scent is ok. I would prefer a cleaner scent than a floral smell.


Springfield PA


Swiffer Advanced Multi Purpose Cleaner


I was thrilled the day my husband came home from the store with a Wet Jet and Swiffer Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution. Anything to make my life a little easier in the cleaning department. This bottle, which is ingeniously designed, comes in a 1.25 L package with an innovatively designed lid. I say innovative, because it has a silicone disc on the top of the lid which has a hole in the middle which allows for the flow of cleaning solution but only when it is turned upside down and only when it is placed inside the Wet Jet in the proper position. So, in short, there is zero leakage. On the downside, I say ingenious because you can't unscrew it and fill it back up with your choice of multi-purchase cleaner which potentially could be somewhat cheaper than this Swiffer Solution. You are therefore forced to return to the store to purchase a refill and they are not so cheap. Having said that, the cleaning solution is really very good. Perhaps because it has the stamp of approval from "Good Housekeeping" or perhaps because there is an added touch of Febreze, the masters of good fragrance. This lavender, vanilla and "comfort" fragrance smells slightly sweet, flowery and fresh. It is good not just on tile but also wood floor, vinyl, marble and stone. After cleansing my kitchen floor tiles, I just leave for a few minutes and they look like brand new. It is more expensive than other brands, but it is worth it.




Swiffer Multi- Purpose Cleaner is Good, but Price is High


Those who own a Swiffer Wet Jet Mop know that it can come in very handy and it offers a good deal of convenience. Owners also know that Swiffer's own refills must be used to replace the cleaning fluid and one possible choice is **Swiffer Advanced Multi- Purpose Cleaner.** **Cleaner Facts and commentary:** Swiffer Advanced Multi- Purpose Cleaner is a necessary purchase to make if you own a Swiffer Wet Jet. The scents are varied (like lavender, citrus, etc.) and are all very fresh and the liquid is safe for most any surface. As Wet Jet owners know, the Swiffer Wet Jet is specially made so that only one of Swiffer's own refills can fit and this means that, like it or not, you must give in and purchase one of these refills if you want to continue using your Swiffer in the most convenient way possible. What you get with these refills is a small bottle of fluid that does smell very nice and cleans well and some may be able to forgive Swiffer's exclusiveness for these reasons. The fluid is pure liquid and is non- abrasive, so it is safe for most tile floors. It cleans up well and fills the room with a fresh, air- fresher style scent. My greatest complaint with Swiffer Advanced Multi- Purpose Cleaner is the price. Swiffer knows its Wet Jet owners will have to buy a refill like this one and they have increased the price accordingly. It's frustrating, but it is a necessary part of using the Wet Jet. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Swiffer Advanced Multi- Purpose Cleaner is a good cleaner, but it is a little bit pricey for so little liquid. The bottle won't last long before you need another, but the cleaning ability is good and scent is very nice- two qualities that help to make up for the high price, at least to an extent. Performance It cleans effectively, although not the best for removing really tough stains. Scent The great scent is one of its strongest points.


Houston, TX


Swiffer know how to clean and freshen a room right up!


I have to start out by saying, I love my Swiffer Wetjet Mop. What I love even more is the Wetjet Antibacterial Cleaner and especially the Citrus & Light Scent one. I love the way it cleans my tile and hardwood fllors without a waxy or streaky mess behind. I am in love with the Citrus & Light Smell because it makes my house smell fresh all day long. When I hav company they notice the smell right away. Haveing a toddler in the house, I use this cleaner with my Wetjet almost everyday for spot cleaning. I am always able top find a coupon in the Sunday newspaper or on the Procter & Gamble website.. The only con is that I have is that once it's done, I can not resill it with a resill solution, I have to go buy a new one. I hopw Swiifer comes up with a refill option in the future because I love this product for my whole house. I feel safe allowing my toddler and my soon to be infant on the floor as this is an antibacterial solution all in one.


Clarksburg, MD


Great solution but a little pricey


We have loved using this solution with our swiffer wet jet mop. This solution has been very useful in the kitchen for cleaning up spills from my toddler. When something spills I don't get so up tight about it because I just clean up what I can and then pull this solution out with the wet jet mop and it gets the rest off the floor. It cleans sticky messes up great without having to use a lot of solution. I love this solution as well because you don't have to use a lot of solution to clean messes up, it dries quickly, and I really do like the smell it has. The smell of the solution is pretty strong and lasts awhile. I don't mind, for I like the smell in my home after something is clean. The solution does seem to be pretty expensive if you don't have a coupon and you can't refill the solution easily once it is used. But, this solution does seem to last a long time because you don't have to use a lot of it to clean the floors. I have seen on some blog's of people who found a way to refill the container with their own solution.


Rexburg, ID


Swiffer Advanced Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Vacuum

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