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Swerve Zero Calorie Sweetener

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Swerve Zero Calorie Sweetener


Swerve sweetener is an amazing product! It has zero calories and it is great for diabetics, or just anyone that wants to reduce their sugar or lose weight. Many artificial sweeteners are just not good for you, they are artificial, and they leave a horrible after taste. They're hard to use in baking because you have to figure out conversions. Swerve is not like those other sweeteners. It measures exactly like sugar so you can substitute it cup for cup in all your favourite recipes. It has no horrible aftertaste. I use this in all my baked goods and nobody in my family even knows that I don't use sugar anymore. Yes this is a little pricey compared to a bag of sugar, but for a diabetic, this is a real life saver. The best thing about swerve, is that it's not like other sugar substitutes, it is an all natural product made from fruits and vegetables. It is a great alternative to sugar and I would recommend it to anyone with diabetes, or who just wants to get healthier and eat less sugar.



Swerve Zero Calorie Sweetener

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