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Sure Step
SU-0310, SU-0310
Sure Step Clear Acrylic Anti-Slip Concrete Paint

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Add A Little Protection To Your Concrete Projects


I was never someone that liked the look of painted concrete. It made it slippery and in the winter if you put salt down it could start the breakdown process which results in chipping. If you are looking for something to apply over painted concrete to reduce the chance of chipping or slipping. To get the best results you need to start with a clean surface and apply it in thin but even layers going in opposite directions. There was a large patch of painted concrete, brick and uneven pieces of concrete that were tore up and never remove from the property. I applied this to the chunks and it helped the dogs to be able to climb them until I could find someone to haul them out. This is not a spray-on product so you are going to need to use a sprayer with a wide nozzle, brushes or small rollers to apply this. It remains a little tacky until it is completely dry so testing it before you apply another layer to prevent unclear sections. You don't need to add anything to it; after a few coats you will have a solid gritty surface. It is a completely clear paint but if you don't allow it enough time to dry and set up you could end up with hazy parts.



Sure Step Clear Acrylic Anti-Slip Concrete Paint

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