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Sure Original Solid Regular Scent

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Are you Sure?


I have being used Sure deodrant for as long as I can remember. I remember my mom using it therefore when I started buying my own products I naturally bought it also. I love the different scents that it comes available in, the sizes, and the price is reasonable. Sure deodrant is a deodrant that keeps me feeling clean, fresh, and confident. I don't have to worry about embarassing underarm odor or having to constantly check to make sure that I am still fresh. I put it on in the mornings after showering and go on about my day. At the end of my day it is still working as though I just put it on. Still fresh. Sure deodrant is a brand that I love and trust as an aid to my daily hygiene. I will continue to use it and continue to recommend it as long as it continues to keep me fresh and clean.

Duncan, SC


A Deordorant I can Trust


I have tried many different kinds of deordorants but have found that Sure is my favorite. I prefer the regular scent but the others are okay too. Some brands tend to smell too perfumy for my tast but this brand just smells fresh and nice in a sutble way. I find that Sure keeps me dry and fresh the longest. When I exercise while wearing it, I do sweet but I do not smell. I have not had any problems with it rubbing off on clothes unless I actually rub it there by accident myself. If I do that though, it is easy to wipe off with a wet towel. I like the price of this product too. When compared with other like products, I think it is a better deal. The clinical brands are too pricey for me to try and since this one does the job without the hefty price tag, I think I shall stick with it. There are coupons available for this product as well. I prefer the solid form myself and have not tried the other varieties since this one works great.

Colorado Springs, CO


Sure Original Solid Regular Scent

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