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Sure Invisible Solid Fresh Scent Deodorant

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It pills up on my skin


It mostly eliminates underarm odor and keeps me dry, but the product pills up, making little white spots under my arms and making streaks on my clothes when I put them on. The fresh scent is good, and i do not fear smelling bad all day, and the price is reasonable, and often this brand goes on sale. It´s worth what I pay, but maybe the white smears make me a better candidate for clear gels or maybe using less product to prevent such a buildup. It does have other good points, such as being gentle enough not to sting, even after shaving.



Sure Invisible Solid Deodorant works for me.


I love a bargain, and a couple of months back I picked up a Sure Invisible Solid Fresh Scent Deodorant for 99 cents, after register rewards. The size of the deodorant is 2.6 ounce (73 g). First off, as soon as I pulled off the cap, I loved the fresh scent. This is one of the nicest I have tried. I turned the wheel at the bottom, and up came a white solid. I figured that it would leave white residue on my clothes. I was wrong. It is an invisible solid, as I was down the gym sweating up a storm, and nothing went onto my black top. It also kept me fresh, and my underarms were dry. I have to say that it has been working great, and that I will certainly buy it again, when it is cheap.

New Port Richey, FL


Sure Invisible Solid Fresh Scent Deodorant

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