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Sure Fit
Sure Fit Stretch Sofa Cover (Pique/Taupe)

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Fits quite well and easy to put on


I researched quite a few slipcovers before buying this one (I purchased the garnet/red colored one) and was a little worried because of different viewpoints, but am very happy with the purchase.  It was easy to fit onto the couch and fits fairly snug.  There are a few spots where wrinkles occur regularly but overall the stretch fabric makes a big different for it staying pretty smooth.  I also am glad I picked the pique style instead of the suede.  The original couch fabric is suede and with little kids always on and off it, the fabric just always looked dirty.  So the pique style looks rich and high quality but also seems to look cleaner.  The fabric is soft and nice to sit on and I've had lots of people compliment on the difference it makes to the warmth of the room.  I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone considering getting a slipcover just go right to buying a 2 piece version (1 piece over the main section of the couch, and one piece that you stuff all the cushions into - if they are removable).  This 2 piece construction made the biggest difference for keeping the couch look tight and unwrinkled, and even better, it stops my kids from pulling the couch cushions off and playing with them around the house!  I plan to buy a similar style black slipcover for our recliner.  If you need a slipcover (my kids used permanent marker on the couch cushions), then this one is a good choice.

Post Falls, ID


Am very pleased with the fit.


We have tried two different slip covers on this sofa that never seemed to fit right. This Pearson slip cover fits so well that you can hardly tell the sofa is covered. The material has a very soft and smooth feel. The only problem we have had is that the bottom section has a tendency to loosen and ride up after heavy use. We like it so well we are buying one to cover a recliner that we were going to toss out. I woudl highly recomend this cover.

Demotte, IN


Sure Fit Stretch Sofa Cover (Pique/Taupe)

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