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SuperSoil Potting Soil

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Potting? Try SUPER SOIL: an excellent and economical mix!


****** ***                   Shelby!   NO, Shelby!   OUT,  SHELBY!!!*** Last year, my pepper crop seemed to worsen every day.   I thought *I* was the problem until I caught doggy *Shelby!* delicately nipping off small peppers at the stem.  Shelby is a gourmet.  At the end of the season she was taste-testing tomatoes irregardless of any barricades I erected. So... *this* year, I'm back to gardening exclusively in pots.  They are a motley lot, set next to the driveway on the *other* side of the gate from *TunefulPack*. (I'll include a picture of my latest peppers in their baby stage.) I do my soil-shopping at *Target*.  The prices are more than competitive and there's variety to boot.  On this trip, I chose four, 1-cubic-foot bags (20 lbs) of **SuperSoil Potting Soil**  Each bag's just enough to fill two 12" pots.*  *The  1-cubic-foot bag appealed to me as a reasonable size for lugging around.  The price attracted me because it was considerably less than *MiracleGro* soil. Just like *MiracleGro*, however, **SuperSoil Potting Soil** is* *enhanced with plant foods.  This translates into "No fertilizing required for up to 90 days after planting".  I expect my tomatoes may need a boost before that time is up. ***                                         GETTING NITTIER AND GRITTIER*** **SuperSoil Potting Soil** is "regionally formulated with organic materials".  In California and Texas this means "forest products compost, compost, sphagnum peat, a wetting agent and fertilizer. In the rest of the U.S., **SuperSoil**'s organic materials are "derived from one or more of the following: peat, forest products compost, or compost, sphagnum peat, a wetting agent and fertilizer.")  So, plain old peat's gone missing from my California **SuperSoil** and -- if you live in Texas -- yours. The guaranteed analysis of **SuperSoil's** nutrients reads: Total Nitrogen 14% with 0.01% Ammoniacal Nitrogen, 0.02% nitrate nitrogen, 0.01% Urea Nitrogen and 0.10% Water Insoluble Nitrogen.  Available Phosphate is 0.09%; Soluble Potash 0.02%; and Iron 0.25%.  Since I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants gardener, this means practically nothing to me. **SuperSoil** is certified as a *Premium Potting Soil* by the *Mulch & Soil Council*.  Now, *that* means more! ***                       SUPER SOIL* AND THE GARDENER ARE... *PARTNERS!*** **SuperSoil Potting Soil** feels heavier and has more bark detritus than the expensive brand.  I used **SuperSoil** (without nutrients) for flower planting years ago, but don't remember this consistency.  I liked it then, however, and expect to have success with it now... but only if I garden well. Iffy? Well, yes.  I'm in a new location.  Advantages?  My pots are portable, and  I'm comfortable with my soil.  **SuperSoil** packed well in the pots with sufficient "loft" from its bark and particulate matter.  It did not noticeably reduce down after the final watering.  I also paid attention to the *IMPORTANT: Wear gardening gloves when using this product*. I'll add photos as my garden grows, so stay tuned.                                                               ** # # # # #** For my companion potting soil review, please take a look at: [*www.viewpoints.com/Orchard-Supply-Hardware-OSH-Ready-to-Use-Potting-Soil-review-50086*][1] See: ***www.waynesthisandthat.com/pottingsoil.htm*** for a very systematic comparison of this and other potting soils.  Or take Wayne's word for **SuperSoil**: "a delight". [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Orchard-Supply-Hardware-OSH-Ready-to-Use-Potting-Soil-review-50086


Los Angeles, CA


Your Garden - The Envy Of Your Neighborhood


It's that time of year again! Time to get your bedding plants and flowers off to a good start. That means it's time to think about potting soil. For me the answer is easy. I choose Supersoil potting soil which has a mixture of thirteen organic ingredients. It drains quickly and experiences very little shrinkage. Tests have shown that it has a very fast germination time for seeds. Seedlings are robust and have a healthy, dark green color. A further plus is that the seedlings need no fertilization for up to 90 days after planting. This reduces the risk of burning up your tender plants with harsh fertilizer. Try something different. Retire your old potting soil and buy the one that will make a real difference to your bedding plants. You'll love the difference with Supersoil potting soil. Your flowers and vegetables will thank you. What have you got to lose? Be the envy of your neighborhood.


Cowen, WV


Super Soil, now That Is What I Need


What is Supper Soil???  I have bought every kind of garden soil there is.  I have a yard full of clay and I have bought so much soil.  What happened to dirt?  Ihave bought the best and the cheapest.  I bought some cheaper kind one year about seven bags and when I tryed to put my shovel in ,it would not go in.  I havered clay in my yard and this was black clay.  I have try-ed potting soil and didn't do anything.  I told my husband you have to dig the clay out first then put in good dirt.  He don't like that idea.  Now don't laugh.  One time we had a small car, we were than and he told me we were going to his friend's house to get cow poop.  I asked what are we going to bring it home in.  He said the trunk, so he lined the trunk with something and away we went.  Well we got the pig dodo and took off.  I guess we forgot hot hot it was out.  It started to smell and for 45 minutes we were in this little car and when we had to stop at the red light's it stunk!!!  We had the best garden ever.  We also played quitar and sang to it while drinking beer.  What a garden 


Morristown, TN


SuperSoil Potting Soil

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