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Battery Terminals
Super Start
Super Start - Epoxy Coated Universal Terminals Item #08506

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Ideal replacement terminals for your car's battery.


The *epoxy coated* **Super Start universal terminals** made my battery installation relatively easy.  The **Super Start terminals** are designed with a small trough in which the wires rest and a back plate on top to hold them firmly in place.  I had two large cables to fit into each trough, but for cars with smaller cables, the back plates can be reverse to ensure a snug fit (needed for electricity to flow). **Super Start** color coated the terminals to ensure anyone can tell which terminal goes to which post on the battery.  Red connects to positive and black connects to negative.  Additionally, the posts have a little bit of weight to them, assuring they won't loosen or disconnect inadvertently from bumps in the road or shimmys from the engine.  They require [9/16" and 1/2" sockets][1] to adjust. **Safety Note:**  When you replace the cables, connect the postivite (Red) ***first***! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Craftsman-263-piece-mechanic-tool-set-reviews

Dayton, OH


Super Start - Epoxy Coated Universal Terminals Item #08506

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