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Battery Terminal Protectors
Super Start
Super Start - Battery Terminal Protectors Model #01396

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Corrosion protection for your battery at an unbeatable price!


The **Super Start battery terminal protectors** are a welcomed addition to my car's battery terminal.  I've only recently added the **battery protectors**, but knowing from experience what can happen to your battery from acid corrosion, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I've had a previous battery leak acid, passing sulfur fumes through the vent as it corroded the battery terminal and wires.  **Super Start terminal protectors** are easy to put on.  Simply slide the felt-like material over the corresponding terminal (*red* protector over positive terminal and *green *protector over negative terminal).  Then place the appropriate wires (*POSITIVE FIRST*). These **battery terminal protectors** are even more important in places where winter weather can be harsh.  In Ohio, where one day may be 50 degrees, then 20, then *below zero* for several days.  Those temperatures mean my battery must work harder to start the car.  If corrosion builds, it creates resistance between the terminals and the wiring making it even harder to start the car.  I can assure you, from experience, *you don't* want to sit in a parking lot in sub-zero weather waiting for someone to give you a jumpstart. 

Dayton, OH


Super Start - Battery Terminal Protectors Model #01396

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