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Super Pretzels
Super Pretzels - Soft Pretzels

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Great snack option.


These are a great, easy, and low-fat snack option. I love them! The Super Pretzel soft pretzels are so easy to make. A minute in the microwave and you've got an awesome city-style pretzel! I love how they give you packets of salt so that you're not stuck with a pretzel covered in salt! These are low fat and taste great. I love buying these and eating them!



Superpretzel-- Warm and Delicious


Superpretzel's Soft Pretzel line is a great, warm snack that kids and adults can enjoy.  The pretzel line comes in regular soft pretzels, cheese-filled (several different flavors) and bite sized. The package contains a good portion of pretzel bites or 6 count of regular hot pretzels. The prices are reasonable and many stores run them on sale periodically.  They are great to make for parties, football games, or to enjoy on a date night spent at home.  They are great to enjoy with dipping sauces and some stores now carry those as well. If you visit their website they will also send you coupons! A great snack to try and enjoy!

Mishawaka, IN


Super Pretzels - Soft Pretzels

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