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Denture Adhesive
Super Poligrip Free Denture Adhesive

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This Poligrip is worthless...and it doesn't hold dentures


Frequent user because it won't hold..even during eating


Charleston, WV


wondering why the paste desloves when anything wet or sweet


i use it because you can really taste, but if i eat or drink anything with sugar, or alot of water it gone.i have just used the paste a hour earlier and was eatting a sandwich,and my teeth can out on the sandwich


newport news va


Super Poligrip Free: Zinc-free but less grip


When it became necessary for me to temporarily wear full dentures last year I tried several adhesives to comfortably keep them in place while allowing me to eat whatever I wanted. I quickly settled into Fixodent Adhesive Powder and Fixodent Food Seal Adhesive Cream. I found that both would give me an entire day of very firm hold and were easily available. **Zinc** But, both of these adhesives (like most denture adhesives) rely on zinc-based ingredients to provide their all-day hold. Being the research obsessed person I am, I started to read of health warnings of zinc overdose linked to denture adhesives. There were new zinc-free adhesives available that claimed to be as effective as the zinc-based products. I decided to try Super Poligrip Free Adhesive Cream. The first thing I noticed is that unlike the zinc-based creams, Super Poligrip Free was essentially a colorless cream rather than the usual pink. Application of Super Poligrip Free was no different than traditional zinc-based creams. Applied to clean dry dentures and held firmly in place for a few seconds you get a firm sure bond. Over-apply it and you get the same ooze you experience with any other adhesive. **Performance** While I have the bond, I find that I can eat pretty much whatever I choose without having anything getting up under the denture. But, I find that the zinc-free formula doesn't give me an as long-lasting bond as say, Fixodent Food Seal Adhesive, a zinc-based cream. I typically found a need to reapply the adhesive during the day. That was fine if I was at home, but not so fine when I was away for the day. So, I decided to do some more reading. As with many health warnings, the issue with zinc had to do with substantial over-use. Routine, responsible use of denture adhesives poses no undue health risks for most people. A trip to the pharmacy will reveal that most adhesives still rely on zinc-based adhesives but now contain a warning about overuse. Assuming that your dentures fit properly, most adhesives require only one, or at most two applications in a 24 hour period. If you need more than that it's time for a relining to get a proper fit. **My Viewpoint** I'm a pretty responsible person. While I still have the need to wear dentures for just a little longer, I take good care of them and make sure they fit properly. For me, Super Poligrip Free just isn't as effective an adhesive as either of the Fixodent adhesives I discussed earlier. It's not terrible by any means, but if you rely on truly all-day hold like I do, I doubt you'll be too impressed by this zinc-free adhesive.


Boca Raton, FL


great product


I got dentures a few years ago.I always used a store brand denture adhesive because they were cheaper.I bought poligip free when it was on sale at riteaid and was surprised at how much better hold it had.I used it in the morning and it held my dentures in place all day.with the store brand I had to reapply several times during the day.I also liked that it was  a neutral color,the other was pinky.I also tried another name brand when it was on sale thinking it would be as good because it was a name brand, poligrip was also superior to that adhesive.I am a couponer and would like find coupons for this item,I mostly find them for the other name brand.


Patton, PA


Can't live without it


I have been using poligrip free for quite a few years. every once in a while i will get a coupon for another brand, and always end up trying it.. Well,e ach time, I find myself going right back to poligrip.I use the free so there is taste afterwards. It holds very tight, i can even eat corn on the cob. i don't find that hot liquids soften it at all. Its a product that i will stick with, as it works great.


House Springs, MO


Gave me my Smile Back after I thought it was gone!


Okay so now you know this ***Redneck*** more than I thought you ever would. I am not ashamed I wear dentures but I wish I didn't have too. Unfortunately I had no choice in the matter, you see my smile was taken away in a most painful way along with my knees, back and the nerve damage in my elbows. When I rolled my truck back in October of 94' I left a lot of my pearly whites at the scene. Yep I lost 8 right on the spot and another 20 were cracked along the gum line and were not able to be saved. That was a very dark day in my life and one that haunts me still. Like the hard-head I am I refused to have them pulled at first and hoped that a way to fix them would come along. I spent money hand over fist trying to save them by getting them filled along the gum line, only to have the fillings fall out twice in 2 years. So when infections came rather frequently I was left no choice, at 39 years of age I was forced to get dentures!I tried every denture adhesive made and it was the same thing every time....Either it didn't hold or left me thinking I had toothpaste in my mouth 24/7 and made food taste terrible. I was getting very depressed over it and then I found a new product that claimed to be flavor free so I tried it.**Super Poligrip Free**Unfortunately the roof of my mouth is such that I cannot wear dentures without gluing them in so I needed help keeping them in. This Super Poligrip Free was a blessing for me and as they claimed there are no flavors and it is also no added color in it. It holds great except when I drink coffee and then the heat loosens it up and out they come. It only takes a few small strips to hold both top and bottom dentures in place and usually lasts me all day long. In fact there are times when it hurts to remove them because it just holds that good. On many occasions I have brewed a pot of coffee before bed just so I can loosen them up enough to get them out.***Super Poligrip*** is a product of ***GlaxsoSmithKline*** and they make a large line of denture adhesives to choose from. I am happy they started making a product with no flavor in it but still not happy I have to use it.**Bottom Line**If you wear dentures or know someone that does ***Super Poligrip Free*** is a good choice to let you show your smile. I always took good care of my teeth but fate had a different idea of what happened to them. I quickly learned that anything can happen and change your life forever. So now I keep my smile in a jar in the bathroom at night but I refuse to let it get me down anymore. Now you know more about me than you ever thought you would but I hope this review helps someone else who doesn't like that artificial taste in their mouth all day long!


Vincennes, IN


Super Poligrip Free Denture Adhesive

3.2 6