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Super Nutrition
Super Nutrition Calcium Blend

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A great food-based calcium with organic greenfoods!


When I worked at [Whole Foods Market][1] , I was the body care buyer in the Whole Body aisle which had all natural and organic body care products like: lotion, soap, make-up, shampoo, cleansers and nutritional supplements like: vitamins, minerals, herbs, digestive aids and homeopathic remedies.  Although I was a body care buyer, I learned a lot about vitamins and other nutritional supplements that were sold in my aisle. Through trainings and classes, I found that **Super Nutrition **vitamins are some of the best vitamins on the market.  They are food-based vitamins which means that your body will recognize the food in the vitamins and they will break down and absorb better than vitamins that are not food-based.. **Super Nutrition Calcium Blend **is a food-based blend of calcium, vitamins, minerals and nutritious foods.  I like this product for several reasons, one being that it contains two types of calcium; calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.  Some doctors say that carbonate is better and some say citrate is better.  I think everyone absorbs calcium differently, so a blend of both is best. Two tablets a day will give you 824mg of calcium.  If you drink milk, eat yogurt, cheese or ice cream, then you will meet the recommend dose of daily calcium which is 1000mg.  The food contained in **Super Nutrition Calcium Blend **is: blueberry, pomegranate, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, alfalfa, spirulina and kale. **Super Nutriton Calcium Blend is:** - Vegetarian - Made with organic foods - Hypoallergenic **The Scoop!** If you take vitamins and/or minerals, look into food-based versions.  Although food-based vitamins are more expensive, you get what you pay for.  I highly recommend Super Nutrition Calcium Blend for women and especially women over the age of 40. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Whole-Foods-Alexandria-VA-review-20d96

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Super Nutrition Calcium Blend

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