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Sunsilk Summer

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A shampoo like Sunsilk Summer is what I need to hydrate my hair


This wonderful shampoo, Sunsilk Summer is perfect for keeping your hair in check during the summer, it is also great during the winter but it is a seasonal product. It smells great so of course that means that your hair will smell great and the clue to that is when small children tell you your hair smells good! They don't lie. My hair is less dry than usual when I use this product, less frizzy. It doesn't say that on the bottle, but it's true for me. I get the frizzies and any of their shampoos treat my hair frizzies, but I love the smell of this one! I just can't go wrong when I buy any of their shampoos and conditioners! The Summer type of shampoo and conditioner also has a spritzer too and this is just extra hydration! Portable too! The bottle is lightweight so you could take it to the beach for an extra boost! One of my granddaughters got me into a bit of trouble, because she told her Mom, my daughter, that she would only use what Grammie uses! My duaghter couldn't find it! I always make sure to buy enough to get me through the whole year! I gave them a bottle of each and that made them both happy! This coming summer season my whole family, at least the girls, will be buying enough to get through the winter season too!  Now of course Sunsilk has a winter collection too! I love all of their products and would use any if I should happen to run out, which happens, so I have used the winter shampoo and conditioner too. I just happen to personally love the scent of the summer! I think that it helps me deal with snow better when my hair smells like summer. It's hard to explain, but there are things like sand,  the ocean, the heat, kids playing,  those are what  I think of when I use this shampoo. It brings back memories to me of my own summers in California!

Colorado Springs, CO


smells so good, where is it!I


I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO. It is hands down the best smelling shampoo i have ever tried. It always makes my hair feel refreshed and happy that it's summer time. I would use it after being in the pool, the lake, or just out in the sun, and it put the shine back in my hair. And the scent is very noticeable, but in a good way and i would constantly be smelling my own hair! however, ever since the summer a few years ago i have never seen this product again. it makes sense that it would only be sold in the summer, but i do not even see it during the summers anymore. I want it back so badly. and i know other people would love it, too, so where is it! I love sunsilk because their products actually do what they say they are going to do. also, their prices are very reasonable and they always have such amazing scents, which is my favorite part. if you see this shampoo or conditioner at the store, buy it, you won't regret it!

Bronx, NY


Sunsilk Summer

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