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Sunsilk Straighten-Up Shampoo & Conditioner

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Straight, but smelly


So I'm always looking for a product that will straighten out my wavy, unattractive hair.  I was anxious and exicted to try out Sunsilk Straighten-Up Shampoo and Conditioner.  I love a shampoo that really lathers up, which this didn't.  I love a shampoo that is luxurious and smells delicious.  This did not smell delicious.  In fact, it smelled like a strong, chemical, salon smell.  And, unfortunately, in this case, the smell radiated from my hair all day long.  Now I don't know if others could smell it or what they thought.  But as the person who has to smell my hair all day long, I did not enjoy the scent.  I can, however, say that this product did in fact straighten my hair somewhat.  I could see a noticeable difference.  So I ask myself if I can put up with the scent in order to get the outcome that I desired.  The answer is probably not.  I imagine that their is another product out there that will give me similar results but with a much more attractive and pleasant scent.

Weston, ID


Hair Miracle


My hair has always been hard to control.  It is often frizzy and it is a mix of both straight and curly hair.  I have never taken the time to use a flattening iron because my hair is so thick and it would take so much time in the morning.  My hair also has a tendency to curl in funny ways if I sleep with my hair damp which often happens because my hair is so thick.  My sister first bought this product and so I tried it when I was with her.  I was so surprised to notice a difference in my hair after I tried it.  It is much more managable and even seems much less frizzy.  I think my hair looks better and that is a miracle since I have tried so many different products in my hair.  I also hate the idea of using gels and sprays in my hair since that tends to make my hair unnaturally sticky.  I don't even have to use other products to get the results I have gotten with this product.  Although it is hard to find, I highly recommend trying it especially for hard to control hair. Effectiveness i had a big stockpile of it before but i can't find it anymore!!!!! Scent smells pretty good!

Columbus, OH


a shampoo that does what it says


I have tried so many different shampoos that did not come close to doing what they claimed they would do for my hair.  I received a sample of sunsilk straightening shampoo and conditioner in the mail and absolutely loved it, this is the first time that has ever happened for me.  It did exactly what it claimed it would do and more.  My hair is totally straight, soft, and not frizzy any more.  I am so happy I have finally found the right shampoo for my long hair.



Smooth hair with bounce!!!!


I bought **Sunsilk Straightening Shampoo & conditioner **for my daughter to use...but ended up trying it myself. I am attempting to grow my naturally wavey hair out and tend to have more bad hairs than good. **Sunsilk Straightening Shampoo & conditioner **has been a lifesaver. It cleans the hair, smells great and offers a ton of control without being heavy. This shampoo is fantastic!!!

Fort Worth, TX


Actually Works


We always want what we don't have! I'm no acception. I have curly hair naturally, but prefer to wear it straight. And like most woman I've tried dozens of products ranging from drug store all the way up to very expensive salon products, nothing ever seems to work. When I received a sample of sunsilk straightening products in the mail I figured I had nothing to lose by trying them out. The very next day I went out to by them, I was so impressed with how well they worked. I use a flat ironing to get my hair stick straight, and normally go over each section multiple times. But with the sunsilk products once is enough. I'm truly amazed that an inexpensive product gave me salon results.

Madison, TN


I LOVE this product because it actually works like it claims


I have looked for a product that really will allow me to wash & condition my hair, blow dry it and hope it stays that way. I have natually curley/wavy hair. Before I was a teenager I wanted straight hair and nearly fell over when the 'super max' blow dryer came out - (I'm dating myself now) I no longer needed to use the large tomato cans, or my head, as a big roller, to dry my hair with. During the next 4 decades I have used so many products that say they will keep your hair straight but as soon as the humidity hit i - friz city. Until I tried SunSilk Straighten Up Shampoo and Conditioner. I just love this stuff and almost afraid to say it out loud that something will happen and they will quit making it. It doesn't harm my hair and it even seems to help it dry faster when I'm blow drying. And it lasts from shampoo to shampoo, it doesn't weigh your hair down nor does it feel sticky or gooped up (AND it doesn't smell like a fruit basket). And the best part besides that it really works -- it doesn't cost a fortune. I tell everyone about it. I wish I had it all these years.

Lake Worth, FL


I like it.


I hate it how now it is kind of hard to find sunsilk products. Before, those sunsilk products use to be in a lot of stores and now they are hard to find. My favorite sunsilk product is this one, the sunsilk straighten- up shampoo and conditioner. Whenever I can find a sunsilk product at the stores, I use this product. I have very thick hair that is very hair to flat iron. I try to use those products the best I can but to no avail.This product is pretty cheap but the bottles should be way bigger.The smell is pretty good, it is not over powering at all. I also like how this proiduct makes my hair very smooth and shiny, not greasy at all. This is truely the best sunsilk product I have ever used.

Scranton, PA


Very light Shampoo


I love and miss using Sunsilk. I first gotten a sample of sunsilk and loved it so much that I started to buy it. It was the only shampoo that I bought for the longest time. Sadly though, I cant find it anywhere. Iys almost like it dissappered. Sucks! Anyways....The main reason I loved this stuff so much was becasue it was one of the only shampoos that worked! I have oily, curly and frizzy hair. So not all shampoos work for me. But Sunsilk didnt weight down my hair like a lot of other products do, and after using it for about 3 days, My hair became a lot smoother and managable. My haor became soft to the touch and soooo shiny! I really didnt think my hair COULD become so shiny. Next to the smell of Sunsilk. Its wonderful. I would compare it to pantene, but I think Sunsilk smells more of a sutible fruity. So every now and then I will turn my head and and just enjoyed the smell. I have gotten a lot of compliments while using Sunsilk. Its too bad it had become soo much harder for me to find. I would be a lifetime customer,

Campbell, OH


The only shampoo for me


My hair is very course and naturally curly.  I have struggle my entire life with frizz.  My hair will be straight after drying until I step outside.  If there is any humidity in the air at all I end up looking like Shirley Temple. I felt like a poodlehead.  I am a little too old for that look.  Sunsilk Straighten Up Shampoo has solved that problem for me. My hair stays straight even in dense humidity.  I used to get so frustrated with trying to fix my hair.  It seemed like a total waste of time.  I no longer have to wear a hat on my head when I go outside or wear my hair in a ponytail.  I had almost given up on having decent looking hair until I found Sunsilk.  I have been using it for a couple of years now and I haven't tried anything else since.  I recently went on a business trip and I forgot my Sunsilk.  My co-worker thought I was crazy when I went to a retail store to purchase Sunsilk when the hotel provides shampoo.  I told them they would need to have my hair to understand. I feel much more confident now wearring my hair down.

Oldtown, MD


Love this!


This is one of the best shampoo's I've ever used. It works really well especially when I flat ironed my hair. It left my hair nice and smooth either way, which was great. I had great coupons to use with it and I bought a ton of them (this was three years ago and I still have a few left). When my niece found out, she told me it was her favorite shampoo and every time she came to visit me, I would give her a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. 

Kerman, CA


Sunsilk Straighten-Up Shampoo & Conditioner

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