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Sunsilk Straight to Perfection

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Sunsilk Straight to Perfection Shampoo smoothes out the Frizz!


     Sunsilk Straight to Perfection Shampoo in the deep purple bottle is a wonderful shampoo.  My hair is extremely wavy and gets frizzy when the weather is humid.  This shampoo helps me to smooth out the frizz and leaves my hair soft and manageable.      I also like the feel of the shampoo and the scent is very nice. It is a floral scent, my daughter smells a hint of strawberry in it and always comments how nice Mommy's hair smells after I shampoo with it.       This product helps tame my wild main and leaves it very soft and shiney.  It does a great job cleaning my hair as well.  As for the Straightening I do not know if that actually works on me as my hair is almost like a tight perm naturally.  I do think it helps though, as I have noticed my curls do seem more relaxed and not as tight.      I would defiantly recommend this product for someone as the price is reasonable, the scent is sweet and it does a nice job on my hair.

Ocala, FL


Sunsilk has the best shampoo and conditioner around!


I was skeptical when I bought my first two bottles of Sunsilk Straight to Perfection shampoo and conditioner. I am a long time sufferer of thick, frizzy hair - and the water that I wash my hair in isn't the best. Before this time, none of the shampoos or conditioners I had bought had done anything for my hair (and I had tried a lot of different brands!). I was tired of looking for a brand that would get my hair exactly the way I wanted it. The first night I washed my hair with Sunsilk, I knew it was the brand for me. As soon as I washed it out of my hair, something felt different. I don't ever blow dry my hair, but even as I sat waiting for it to dry fully it was amazing! My hair looked healthier, it was shinier, softer, and it wasn't as voluminous as before. It had just the right amount of volume! Ever since I have used Sunsilk, my hair has always come out perfectly. It's awesome to get into the shower and know that you won't have to be frustrated with your hair when you get out! It's the first time that instead of just telling me I have nice, thick hair - people are telling me that my hair looks amazing!

Hopewell Junction, NY


Sunsilk Straight to Perfection

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