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Sunpentown Evaporative Air Cooler

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Do not buy this


Let me start off by saying if you got this because of a cheap price it's not worth it return it while you can. The remote on this thing is no good maybe it was the unit I got but the remote would never set the temperatur. I would always have to manually enter it in. It does cool a small area really well but you have to make sure you close off the room or area otherwise the cold escapes. And the cooling is shor tived. SO I would say this thing cools small areas or rooms quite well. The hose attachments are clunky and dont fit well on the window.

Glendale, CA


Good Sunpentown SF608R


Good product. If you do not wish to spend a lot of cash, yet want an item that is worth more than what you paid for, this is the choice!I have one and it works very well. The temperature here sometimes reaches the hundreds, having one inside my room is very convenient because I do not have to have a window in my wall. I do not have to worry about water dripping from the window air conditioner, specially inside my room! Has a lot of power for a small unit. Most importantly, it is very versatile. If you need to clear some room, all you need to do is put it away and that's it. It does not take that much space, so storage is made easier and headache free. Its size makes it perfect for small rooms because you can set it almost anywhere. Purchasers of this product will enjoy a cool fresh air flowing through their room because of the powerful fan that propels the cold air around. I strongly recomed this indoor air conditioner. I had doubts at first, but now I am proven wrong. Good luck with your new AC.

Chicago, IL


summertime goodness


The summer time weather can get way too hot living in Tennessee so having an air conditioning system is a must. since the amount of time that the air conditioner needs to be run is pretty much all the time, i did not want to have to run my central air conditioning system all day. I thought that it would be a good idea to buy a portable air conditioner so i did not have to use my main air conditioner all the time. This is a really good system because it is light and i can carry it around my home to whatever room i am in. The air conditioner is not loud and it does not disturb me as it is running. The white color is also nice because it blends in easily to any type of decor i have in my home. The air around the room is able to be cooled very quickly and it stays cool for a long time. The air conditioner is very affordable and i think it was worth what i paid for it. the vents are easy to clean when they get dusty as wel.

Blaine, TN


Sunpentown Evaporative Air Cooler

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