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Sunpentown Cool Mist Ultrasonic Gallon Humidifier

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Great Ultrasonic Humidifer from Supentown


This was a semi-researched but spur of the moment purchase for me, so I was not sure how happy I would end up being.  I wanted an ultrasonic humidifer because it lessens the concerns of mold, bacteria or other germs being spread into the air while running.  This model is pretty easy to set up.  You unpack, insert the filter, plug it in the fill the reservoir and turn it on.  Beyond a quick wipe inside the base and an occasional santizing rise for the reservoir ever week or so there isn't much to worry about.  On low, the water will last on average 2 to 3 days.  On high about a day and a half. Because there is no fan this unit is pretty quiet, and produces on a very low level of white noise. There are really only a few downsides to this machine that I have found.  The main one is that the filters are generally hard to find.  If you have hard water this will be a big problem because one your filter is full it will start spraying up a small amount of mineral deposits.  In my experience you will need about a filter a year (and I have very hard water) and depending on where you and your supplier these can be near impossible to find.  The second year I used this I was able to pick up another filter in the store but have never seen them since.  Because this is a cool unit, you do need to be careful about drafts.  I found out the hard way that I had placed mine in a cool draft you couldn't feel and my machine was running in a very very large pool of water - so make sure you are in fact running this in a warm spot of your room.

Louisville, KY


Ultra silent, impressive output


My previous humidifer was a cheaper, smaller Vicks model that required rather frequent filter changes, and wasn't big enough for our needs. With the air here being so dry, along with running  air conditioning, it was necessary to find a high quality humidifier that could put out a lot of moisture to combat these things.  After doing a bunch of research, I decided that the Sunpentown (SPT) Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier would be perfect, and bought one from CSN.  When it arrived I filled it with cool, filtered water ( and noted that the tank was at least 4 times bigger than my previous one) and turned it to the highest output.  Immediately there was a steady stream of cool mist, yet the humidifier was so quiet I would have never known it was on. After experimenting with a few places, I've settled with putting the humidifier at least 4 feet off the ground.  This is necessary because on the highest setting, the output is pretty good, and the mist can travel well, causing it to land on furniture that I'd prefer not to get wet.  I've noticed the air improvement already, and for the first time didn't wake up with a dry, parched throat. The SPT lives up to the name!  Pros:  - ultra ultra quiet, when the room is dead quiet we only hear a very little noise, and an occasional gurgle - ultrasonic, so it needs no expensive filter changes constantly - big tank, doesn't need to be filled all the time - impressive output, works great for humidifying an apartment or large room - cool to the touch - no air intake to get clogged with dust or other pollutants Cons: (very slight ones, imo) - needs to put off the ground so the carpet doesn't get drenched with mist - since it's ultrasonic, you can't let water just sit in it or bacteria might grow  

Arvada, CO


Works Wonders!


The Sunpentown Cool Mist SU-2000 Ultrasonic 2 Gallon Humidifier works great for my soon to be 6 month old daughter!  She had been sick for 2 months before the doctor suggested using a humidifier for her symptoms, and after we bought this one she improved soooooo much!!  Thi humidifier was a life saver.  It is easy to use, there are no difficult instructions, and it is the perfect size for never running low on water overnight!  ** **

Alexandria, LA


Sunpentown Cool Mist Ultrasonic Gallon Humidifier

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