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Sunnyland Franks (hot dogs)

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from when I was a kid


I used to get these at the old theater when I was a kid. Can't find them now. Used to could get them at the grocery store but now they have disappeared. maybe it's partly nostalgia. But I loved those hot dogs. A certain something in the taste. A little bit of sweetness? Dunno but loved those things.

Jacksonville, FL

Sunnyland hot dogs taste like giant Vienna sausages - Ugh.


IGA had Sunnyland Franks on sale today. I've found a few small brands at the store that have been really good, so I thought I'd give Sunnyland hot dogs a try. These hot dogs looked rather anemic right out of the pack. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. I don't need my food artifically colored. So - no problem. But, they would not serve up very pretty say at a cook out or so on. I heated up the Sunnyland Franks. First bite. Hum. These are soft like Vienna sausages instead of like hot dogs. But, they are bigger and so that's a big mouthful of soft mystery meat. The taste is somewhat like Vienna sausages but not even as good as that. I know hot dogs are made from spare parts, but I really had to wonder what parts were in these. Well - it was the waste of a perfectly good bun and nice chili. My dog did, however, like the hot dogs. I suppose if someone didn't have teeth and couldn't wear dentures for some reason, these hot dogs might work for some meat. But, I'd hope that there are better options out there for pudding-like textured meat.  

southern, NC


Sunnyland Franks (hot dogs)

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