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Sunlight dish soap

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Garbage product


Is it a bit cheaper than competitors? Sure, but water is even cheaper because that's basically all you're getting with this product. It runs thin, does not sud, no grease cutting power. Paradoxically, for some reason it leaves my hands really dry though. I have to re-apply 4-5 times just do some cups and bowls, so is it really the cheaper alternative? I've never been happy to do dishes, but i've never been angry either....that is, until my wife bought a 4.2L jug of Sunlight. The upside is, if you don't like the product, I have some good news - you'll use it up really fast.

Toronto, Canada


I would definitely buy Sunlight dishsoap again


Sunlight is amazing, tough on grease and stubborn spots, I use sunlight dishsoap loyally, I find it coast efficant as well! Highly recomend

Rainy River Ontario


Sunlight Dish Soap: Great for Degreasing


I have found Sunlight Dish Soap to be a great alternative to more expensive dish soap brands. There are three varieties of dish soap: Apple Twist, Citrus Rust, and Lemon Boost. The Lemon Boost scent is definitely my favorite, because a fresh lemon scent and the kitchen just go together. It's a bright, fresh, energizing, and clean smelling scent, and I love the cheery yellow dish soap color too. I rarely hand wash dishes, but this works well when I do. We usually use this for loosening up baked-on food or de-greasing dishes before they go into the dishwasher. It works perfectly for that and I haven't noticed any difference in performance between this and other brands. All of our glassware goes in the dishwasher, so I can't commend on whether or not it cleans the glass well if you are hand-washing alone. However, I have been very pleased with it for every other use. My grocery store puts this on sale pretty regularly, and you can often find coupons for it as well so it's a very affordable dish soap option.



Cleans, but not as good as others!


I am not loyal to any dish soap. I can use whatever is on sale because I usually use my dishwasher. But when it broke down, that's when the dish soap quality started to matter more to me! It didn't matter if it was cheap, because if you use the whole bottle to do a set of dishes, you're pretty much washing down the drain all those savings! I noticed I used a bit more Sunlight dish soap compared to Dawn dish soap which means to me it is a bit weaker in terms of cleaning strength. The smell of course is pleasant enough, but it is so gentle on the hands, that it is also gentle on the stains/dirt/food/oil that you are trying to take of the dishes! I probably would only buy this again if I badly needed dishwashing soap and it was on sale for really REALLY cheap! I don't really recommend soap to friends in a regular conversation, but if they asked my opinion on it while we were shopping I would probably tell them to get another brand! 

Federal Way, WA


Not that impressive...


I shop around for the lowest price when buying dish washing liquid. I do my best to find coupons and in store sales, as that is what typically motivates me to purchase a particular product. That said, it was not a coupon but an in store sale that prompted me to purchase Sunlight dish washing liquid. I was disappointed that the selection of Sunlight did not include an antibacterial quality. This is important to me, because I make the kids wash their hands when they come inside from playing and I like to use an antibacterial soap after preparing raw food to prevent cross contamination. I decided to purchase it anyway because the price was right. The consistency of the liquid is thin compared to other brands and it seems watered down. I have to use much more of the product to get the desired results, thus making this "budget" purchase, not so cost effective. I do like the scent, that's why I didn't rate it one star.

Cherry Hill, NJ


Sunlight makes your dishes shine


I feel that Sunlight is one of the best dish detergents available because it costs less but does more. It is a good purchase for a smart shopper. I have found coupons available for this soap which makes it an even smarter purchase. During a time when we are all tryingt to cut back and be responsible with our money it makes sense to buy Sunlight.  It has an awesome scent and it does an outstanding job. I find that it does a good job when I am scrubbing  pots and pans not just while washing dishes and silverware. It works hard on stubborn crusted on food. If you do not wash the dishes as soon as dinner is over it can still do the job. It makes doing the dishes a more enjoyable experience for me. I love the scent in my kitchen after I have washed the dishes using Sunlight. Sunlight is a perfect name for this product. It helps to make your dishes shine like the Sun. I would recommend this product to everyone I know.

North Tonawanda, NY


Easy, effective and costs right!!


Sunlight dish soap is just as good as the others, in my opinion!!! There are other dish soaps out there and you've probably tried many of them. Just as I have. But for the money......................Sunlight does just as well as the more pricey brand names. And with the cost of living these days...........every penny we can save sure does help. You can buy it in a smaller bottle or larger bottle depending on how much you use. So all you have to do it run some warm water into your kitchen sink. Give a bit of a squirt of the Sunlight Dish Soap. Put the dishes in the water and you can let them soak a little bit or just start washing. The aroma of the Sunlight dish soap is a nice pleasant aroma. Not too strong for me. I get migrines from too strong of odors and I don't have that problem with the Sunlight dish soap. The price is within reason also. So give Sunlight Dish Soap a try. You might like it and switch to it on a permanent basis. Never know.

Dallas, TX


Sunlight dish soap

3.9 7