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Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent

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Great washing power for less money.


Sunlight is less expensive then the other brands but does a wonderful job at washing the dishes. My dishes come out clean and streak free and it works great on hard to remove baked on food. The fresh lemon scent keeps my dishwasher smelling fresh and clean.



I was surprised that SunLight works so good, being low cost


I absolutely love SunLight!! It is by far the best dishwasher detergent in my opinion. Now I did use a couple other brands at first, but my dishes always come out so sparkelly clean since I started using Sunlight and I am now faithful to this brand. The other brands are ok, but I just feel like the Sunlight works so much better, especially for the price. I strongly recommend anyone who hasn't tried Sunlight just to give it a try, I have a feeling you will be surprised as me as it's quality.

Richland, MO


Sun Light Dishwasher Detergent is one of the best liquids!


I really like this one --- I have tried several dishwasher detergents and I find this to be one of the better ones. The labet says "Micro Bubbles Clean and Dishes Sparkle -- Oxiaction -- Phosphate free -- Lemon" I truly don't know about micro-bubbles, but I do know that my dishes tend to be cleaner than with most detergents. I tend to stack my dishes for several days, so my detergent has to be good! It comes with a flip-lid that is easy to use. It does not clog up like some lids - a real plus. And, (this might sound silly) the bright yellow color of the plastic container makes me smile. It is such a sunshiny color! The container is 128 ounces - large enough to last for a while, but not so large as to be too heavy to use. It is nice to know the product is not terrible for the environment - phosphate free and the container is recyclable. This is a good product at a reasonable price - just what we all want in these uncertain economic times!

Daytona Beach, FL


Love my dishwasher.


I love my dishwaher and I love Sunlight dishwasing liquid but I have a hard time finding it. When I do find it which isn't often but when I do I buy a couple of them. Anyone have any idea why it's so hard to find? Nothing else works as well unless I want to do it myself. Nah. lol

Louisville, KY


Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent

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