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Sunlawn Manual Reel Mower

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Happy with purchase:)


I mow approximately half an acre with this mower. It cuts the grass very well and even. If your setting is too low, then it is difficult to push but, I keep it on 2 inches and I cut my grass at least once a week. I been having a riding mower that is great. However, I have been using the push mower for exercise and hey I am helping the enviroment! Let's face it, that is good too.If you have time and want exercise this is a great lawn mower. You do need to spray it with 10W40 before and after every use. If you don't it will squeal, and get annoying. I am extremely happy with this purchase and my legs are looking great, as well as my lawn. This is a must buy product. You will not regret it. And that there is a promise. Would recommend it to a friend or family member in a heart beat. What are you waiting for??? Go on! Go buy/order this lawnmower :-)

Salisbury, NC


I will buy another sunlawn reel mower


I purchased my Sunlawn reel mower for the access to my small grassed area outside my bed room patio. It is great to use easy to maneuvers around this small part of my grassed area . I did not want to lug a gasmotered lawn mower through my bedroom. My Sunlawn reel mower stays in the app-orate spot and stands upright to an easy access grab and start reel mowing my grassed area. The cutting style cuts the grass to how I have a choice to pick up cut grass or leave it down. It is just that smooth pushing or pulling. I do not have any trouble with the clean up of my grassed ground or the clean up of my Sunlawn reel mower. I am pleased to have been purchased this product and will buy another for my neighbor that is in need of the same for his small bedroom patio grassed are. The price was the ideal of what i expected to spend at this particularly time and am glad of the purchase.

Sacramento, CA


Sunlawn lawn mower, light and silent!


this mower is so so so very good for the planet.  When we bought our house i did research for weeks on different lawn mowers and chose the sunlawn.  It is so very light and practically silent, you can use it while your kids are playing on the grass!  It is absolutely perfect for a small, relatively flat lawn.  You never need gas, you can mow at 10pm without pissing-off your neighbors, and it's good exercise.   The height adjustment is pretty easy to change, but can shake loose over time  (if your task instantly becomes exponentially harder, check the height adjustment! )  I would NOT recommend this mower for larger areas or for bumpy, lumpy lawns.  It makes your experience pretty miserable, as the wheels dip right down into each and every dent causing you to stop to pick-up or adjust from where you are.  I also don't recommend this mower for procrastinators.  If your lawn gets too long, it is also a pretty miserable day for you.  SO, if you have a smallish, flatish lawn that you regularly tend to, this is the perfect mower for you!!!

Saint Paul, MN


Sunlawn Manual Reel Mower

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