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Sunkist - Naturals Complete Protein Smoothie

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Sunkist Protein Smoothies: Extra Protein But Packed With Sugar


One of the things that people overlook when they are shopping for juices is the actually nutritional value that it has for your body. If something is packed with sugar, even if it comes from fruit, then any added protein, vitamins or minerals you are consuming aren't going to be worth it. As a diabetic I am always looking for ways to add more protein and get my daily recommended vitamins and minerals and with that comes a lot of label reading. Some of the Sunkist Protein Smoothies are worth the extra calories and sugar and some are not. There are only three flavors in the Naturals series that are protein enriched to provide 20 grams of protein per serving bottle. Those are the Orange Cream, Berries & Cream and Pina Colada. I have had two of the three flavors currently offered by Sunkist in their protein smoothie line, the Pina Colada contains coconut and I am allergic to it in raw form and didn't want to chance it with the smoothie. The labels are a little misleading; it says "20 grams of protein" but that is per bottle not per serving. An eight ounce serving contains 13 grams of protein. You can supplement that by adding a no carbohydrate or low carbohydrate protein powder to it. When I see this in the Orange Cream or Berries & Cream flavors I grab a bottle; the kids like it and I would rather have them drink this over something like Sunny D. While it is still high in sugar and carbohydrates (40 grams of carbohydrates per serving / 36 grams from sugar) it provides them with 20% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and the extra protein.



O.K. here we go again, it's about Coconut!


I think most of you have figured out I'm a big ~ huge Coconut fan by now. If not, well then you just don't know me. Funny thinking back, I could not stand coconut anything, growing up. The smell nor taste, that is until my Mother~in~law made me do it. Make Coconut creme pie, from scratch. Pie crust and all. Since I had to stand at the stove and stir and stir and stir, just to the right consistency (which sometimes felt like forever back in the day). Ugh! Is all I can say then. Now it is a pleasure to do so, because I know what's coming up "PIE".The smell, even more so when the vanilla gets added, just makes you take that extra aroma in. Oh heaven. Making the merigue, putting it under the broiler with little pieces of coconut on top, hmmmm, more heaven smell. So that is how my story begins with my love for coconut. Pina Colada's. I just like them, Virgin and slushy. It's a refreshing taste on a hot summer day. Coconut and pineapple together, what a pair. Only thing better is a nice tall glass of flavored Ice Tea. I ran into Kroger one evening to get my creamer for my morning cup of coffee. Well something caught my eye, a product I hadn't seen anywhere else before. ***Sunkist Naturals Pina Colada complete protein smoothie. ***Looked, sounded interesting 20g Protein per bottle. Bottle size is 15.2oz (again, why not 16oz, what's up with the 15.2?) Serving size is 8oz, servings per bottle is 2, I'm doing the math......I come up with 16! hmmm. Makes you wonder. Back to the product itself, ** **I got so caught up in the taste of how good the coconut creme pie is, that I really didn't even touch upon the taste of ***Sunkist Naturals Pina Colada Complete Protein Smoothie.** *The taste is creamy, very luscious, satisfying, tastes just like a Pina Colada. Coconut and pineapple, whipped together with Madagascar Vanilla. I could drink one of these everyday and be very happy. They do carrying different varieties and sizes, just this is one of the flavors that doesn't, come in the larger size. Wish it would, one could hope the Sunkist Company decides to make this on available, bigger*. *If you like the flavor of Pina Colada, Sunkist captured the flavor. There are no preservatives and nothing artificial, so you can really enjoy!** - Fat Free - Cholesterol Free - Complete Protein - Good source of Vitamin C - Fiber - Gluten Free (still doing the math 8 + 8 = 16, right?) **My Viewpoint:* Sunkist Naturals Pina Colada Complete Protein Smoothie*** is a winner for me. Now if I could just crawl in the bottle and feel like I've escaped to a tropical island paradise. That would really make me happy! ;-) **I should note, this is found in the refrigerated section by produce, by Pom, Naked Juice, etc.**

Somewhere in Time, MI


Sunkist - Naturals Complete Protein Smoothie

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