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Diet Soda
Sundrop - Diet Soda

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Diet Sundrop Does Not Taste Like A Diet Drink


Diet Sundrop is one of the best Diet Soda's on the market. As a matter of fact it doesn't taste at all like diet. I love the citrus flavor of Sundrop but I do not care for the sugar and calories that come with it. One day I decided to give the Diet Sundrop a try. Boy was I surprised! It was delicious.I am enjoying one right now while I am writing this review. The greenish yellow liquid sparkles and fizzes in your glass It also fizzes and pops in your mouth, which together with the citrus flavor makes it very refreshing.It makes an enjoyable treat whenever you drink it. Diet Sundrop has only five calories per eight ounces.When I was expecting my youngest son I actually craved Sundrop. I did not drink the diet while I was pregnant because it contains Phenylalanine which can be harmful to a developing fetus.So I had to drink the regular Sundrop and the extra calories that goes with it. If you want less calories in your soda and don't like the taste of diet drinks try Diet Sundrop.

Rocky Mount, NC


Sundrop - Diet Soda

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