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Milk Thistle
Sundown Naturals
Sundown Naturals Milk Thistle Capsules

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really helps my skin too!


Sundown Fish Oil (and all their vitamins) are very reasonably priced, often on sale where I shop and easy to find money saving coupons for.  Fish Oil is a certified protectant for heart health, immune system, etc., but I find that it also helps my dry skin - especially in winter ( I don't put it ON, I just take the vitamin =)

Erie, CO


The best support for a healthy liver function.


I can't say enough about the need of herbal supplements in the modern diet.  A favorite dietary herbal supplement of mine's is Sundown Naturals' standardized Milk Thistle XTRA, 240 mg gelatin capsules, with Dandelion, Fennel and Licorice, which truely optimizes its' supplemental value. The Milk Thistle herb ( Silymarin) is an antioxidant flavonoid that stimulates protein synthesis, which helps repair damaged liver cells.  I have been using this product for many years, ever since I noticed a lot of hyper-pigmentation blotches to my skin and black lines forming in my finger and toe nails with the use of nine prescription drugs and several over the counter medications, that I am sure were the culprits.  I inquired about the black lines in my nails at my doctor's office, but could get no better diagnosis, other than, "its nothing, your just getting older." Well, yes, I am getting older, aren't we all, but I was not that old that I would accept this as an explaination. I remembered when I was a child my mother pointed out that the blotches on my skin meant that my liver was, in her words, "dirty".  Whenever, she noticed blotches on her children's skin, she would treat us with a yucky tablespoon of Castor Oil.  Ok, Castor Oil, has its' benefits, but I was not about to revisit that taste in my adult years.  Surely, there must be something better to help cleanse the liver.  I did some research and discovered that the Milk Thistle herb (Silybum marianum, a common weed) is the best, natural substance, to aid in the cleansing and support of a healthy liver function.  The only vital organ of the human body that can fully regenerate itself if physically damaged is our liver, which cleanses our body of dead blood cells and all other toxins tha amass within its' sponge-like structure.  The liver disposes of these toxins in the form of bile that it delivers to our gallbladder, which spews it out into the waste of our large intestine.  Yet, this amazing organ can fall into disrepair becoming incapable of healing itself if poisoned with toxic heavy metals and alcohol drinking, synthetic medications, radiation exposure, poisonous plants and diseases, requiring detoxification maintainance to keep it clean and functioning properly, so that it can do the work of keeping our blood clean. I noticed, within a few short months, after taking Sundown Natural's Milk Thistle herbal that my blotchy skin and nails began to clear.  Further, I believe that Sundown Natural's inclusion of the following herbs in their Milk Thistle formulation play a very important factor in that recovery: >Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale, a common weed), high in trace minerals is used as a cleanser to purify both liver and gallbladder of toxins.  It is also widely used to treat a host of other maladies including skin disorders and may be effective in elimination or averting age spots on the skin. >Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare, a bulb plant), is an herbal detoxifier used for aiding both the liver and gallbladder, also helps to restore damaged liver cells and open obstructions of the liver. >Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, common name sweet root (50 times sweeter than sugar)), not the anise favored candy, is used to help support the liver against toxic substances.  It also possesses vaulable antioxidant, antiinflamatory and expectorant compounds, properties which help maintain the overall health of the liver.  However, licorice has been known to increase blood pressure and interact with some medications, but I find that the substance of this herb does not diminish the strength or adversely effect the drugs that I use to treat my various ailments, although I strongly suggest that you take them separately and consult with your physician before starting a regimen on this supplement.  Not to worry, this supplement is also available without licorice, but licorice extracts, used topical or internal, is among the best natural aids in fading dark blotches and lightening hyper-pigmentation of the skin (vitamin K is another), which is one of my primary reasons taking this particular supplement. Sundown Naturals recommends taking 2 of these capsules twice daily, preferably with meals. However, I find that taking 3 to 4 capsules with every meal works best for me.  Infact, I may just bump my dose up to 5 capsules per meal, because of my high use of medications.  If you are suffering with symptoms of blotchy skin or black lines in your nails, please consult with a licensed medical doctor for a proper diagnosis, but if all he or she will tell you is that your just getting older, than I suggest that you try Milk Thistle.  It works for me.

Los Angeles, CA


Helps the Liver


I am a type that takes a lot of vitamins.As a person who has anxiety,chronic pain and seizure disorder.A lot of my medications tend to take effect on the liver.So,I did some research and found milk thistle is good for the liver.My pain medicine has a warning that can cause liver problems.I have been taking Milk thistle once a day for 2 years now.Yes, its expensive but for my health its well worth it.I don't feel sick using it,or light headed.My fiance who has a bad liver even takes it and when he goes to get his eynzimes checked out and its showing the Milk thistle is helping him more than anything.We now buy them in bulk so that way we wont run out.We even recommended it to the whole family.Since bad livers run on his side of the family bad , we were worried that there wasnt anything herbic to help.He didn't want to take another perscription for liver problems.So when the pharacist told us to try this and we took the advice.

Tampa, FL


Sundown Naturals Milk Thistle Capsules

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