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Sundown Fish Oil 1000mg

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Fish Oil is helpful


Sundown natural fish oil is helpful for many things. I have been taking fish oil for years and I thought that I would try Sundown Naturals Fish Oil to see how we like it. Fish oil can be used to reduce inflammation and it can be helpful to prevent heart troubles so I thought we should try it. I usually take fish oil at night because a doctor told us to take it in the evening to prevent problems associated with burping up fish oil odors. I also keep some fish oil in the refrigerator to keep it cold and I take it with water. Some people recommend taking it with food or a full glass of water. I try to keep it near my other nightly pill of melatonin that I take to help me sleep. Years ago I had trouble with pain in my knees and I have since lost weight and notice that I don't have as much trouble with that like I use to. I have noticed that a lot of issues were resolved and I like to attribute the success to natural remedies like fish oil.

Anchorage, AK


Sundown Fish Oil 1000mg

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