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Sundance Optima Hot Tub

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The Sundance Optima Hot Tub is the most relaxing Item I own.


Owning a Sudance Optima Hot Tub has been the most rewarding experience I can have in my own back yard.  Having this automatic Hot Tub has provided many fun recreational times, and many more times of easing sore muscles after a hard days work.  Sundance has put all the features you could ever want or need in this model.  Features include a fully automatic filtering system that can be set to filter the hot tub four times a day for as little as 10 minutes or up to 6 hours.  The automatically controlled heating system keeps the Sundance Optima Hot Tub at a consistent temperature all year long.  Maintenance is extremely easy and fast.  Daily requirements are one tablespoon of powdered chemical to keep the tub fresh and clear.  In the Northern Illinois winters I find the run to the outside tub to be invigorating.  Soaking in the tub while the snow is falling around you is one of the best experiences I have ever had.  Having room for up to seven people makes this a truly wonderful party item.  Many stimulating conversations take place when you are in the tub.  I highly recommend this tub for evey family.

Belvidere, IL


Sundance Optima Hot Tub

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