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Sunbeam Theatre-Style Popcorn Maker

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Save Your Cash, By Another Brand


The kettle is WAY too small. When the kernels start to,pop, and the flaps open, a flood of unpopped kernels is ejected into the storage tray along with the popped kernels. NO good since the popcorn I use is 8 bucks a pound. My whirley stovetop popper pops them all. Oh well back it goes.

Saskatchewan, Canada


light and fluffy


I love this little popper. So much more easier to use than what I thought it was going to be. If I had known this, I would had bought one years ago. Ease of Cleaning This is the only part I wish was easier to do. I find it hard to clean

New Brighton, PA


Feels like going to a movie theater in your own home!


We purchased this popcorn maker for two reasons: first we wanted to get away from microwave popcorn and second it looks really cool! It reminds me of the popcorn makers at the movie theater and works pretty much the same way as well. After a 3-5 minute heat up you add the popcorn to the kettle and a few minutes later watch the popcorn fill up the maker! It is entertaining to watch. There is even a drawer at the bottle that slides out. Popcorn tastes great and you add your own toppings once it is popped so it is great for the health-conscience consumer as well. The downside is that it is cheaply made, but it has a reasonable price. Instead of glass walls and door it is made of plastic and it took me a bit to put the outside handle on.

Spring, TX


Sunbeam Theatre-Style Popcorn Maker

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