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Sunbeam Steam Master 4220 Iron with Auto Shut-off

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Leaking Iron can ruin clothes


Poor quality in the iron. The problem with this iron is that it may cause some damage to your clothing because of the fact that it can leave a certain amount of water onto your clothing after use. There is some rust that does occur if you do not dry out the iron and as a result, it can cause some water to drip which may damage your articles of clothing. The reason for this drippage is that the temperature is not high enough to create steam and so instead of releasing steam onto your clothing, you leave water. The iron leaks from time to time and so you just have to be very careful when you use this device. The damage from the rust can ruin your clothing, so it may be better find a device that does not contain iron. In terms of the dripping potential, this has one of the highest rates of dripping from all the irons that I have tried. Performance Makes your clothes in worse condition than originally bought.



Sunbeam Steam Master 4220 Iron with Auto Shut-off

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