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Sunbeam Simple Press Iron with Auto Shut-Off

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Kind of a Bummer


I bought this iron for a few reasons. The first being I thought Sunbeam was a go to brand for irons, there had to have been at least a dozen, and I remember hearing the name before so I htought it would be trusted. Wrong. The next reason I bought it was it was relatively inexpensive compared to the other irons. Turns out I got even less than I paid for. Third it was purple, and my daughter just wouldn't stop about what a cool iron it was. I was hopeful that would be enough to get her involved. Wrong again. The iron takes a long time to heat up, so be prepared to wait. Once it does heat up, it begins to leak all over the clothing. At first I thought this was user error, but after multiple failed attemps to adjust and readjust, I can't get it to stop leaking. Now that I have gone back to look at reviews, I see that I am not alone in this. The one neat thing about this iron, was that it had a retractable cord, but after about six months of light use, it seems to have stopped working. Not a good purchase.



Nothing special


**Sunbeam Simple Press 3056 Iron with Auto Shut-Off:** I bought this iron because it was the right price and because it has an auto shut off safety feature plus it was supposed to be able to steam garments vertically while they were still hanging. It works well for the most part though the water does drip while ironing. It is not anything very special but it gets the job done. It has a lot of settings on it which I like a lot plus it has a long swivel cord which is very useful. However, I don't think it does anything when I try to steam vertically which was one of my original big selling points. Overall, I would only recommend this item to a friend if they didn't use irons very often and if they weren't going to be paying very much for it either.

Clifton Park, NY


Good quality inexpensive iron


My more expensive iron gave out after a year of use, so we bought this one and have been very happy with it. It is easy to use, the control buttons do not get accidentally pushed when the iron is in use like many other models I have seen.

Lubbock, TX


This sunbeam iron 3056 is heavy duty


The Sunbeam 3056 iron is a truly heavy duty iron. It put great creses in your clothes and they last, even once you,ve washed them ,you can line them up wuth the crese you have created from the iron and fold them up so when you are ready to wear them again all you have to do is follow the crease you made from the last time you ironed. This iron also saves you from using a lot of starch as a matter of fact some of us use starch with it and some don't. Sometimes the iron leak a little water once you first get it going but it will dry right up if you turn the steam feature off and iron over it a little. I especially like the auto shut off feature because it goes cold. I remember having a previous auto shut off iron but it still remained a little hot and my daughter got burned by it, but this one has been left plugged up and my grand children has gotten a hold of it and have not gotten burned. You actually have to unplug this iron and replug it up to get it going again. To me this is a great feature to me and i love it. I reccomend this iron as a good iron for family use.

Youngstown, OH


Sunbeam Simple Press Iron with Auto Shut-Off

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