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Sunbeam SLP3300UM Heater

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My main heater


I joined the tiny house movement, and did not install heat in my home. Living in Tennessee, this isn't exactly smart, so I turned to space heaters for warmth. This is what I eventually settled on when several others stopped working. I did not think this was going to work at first, since there is no fan, but I frequently turn it off because it flat gets too warm with the other very small space heaters in the kid's room and bathroom. It has varying heat temps, so I can turn it up or down as the house warms up. It is also small, and can be moved afroud the perimeter of the room as needed, or placed in the center to make it warmer faster. This works so well, we haven't bothered to upgrade to a different unit, and won't until it stops working.


Loretto, TN


Love my heater!


I love this heater! We use our space heater mostly at night during the colder winter months. It works great. With the adjustable settings, we can get the right amount of heat and it stops pumping it out when it gets warm enough. I don't get burned when touching this heater but can definitely feel the heat coming out! It's great for medium sized rooms (we keep it in our bedroom). It doesn't take very long to heat up a medium sized room and it also has some grooves on the sides so you can lift it and carry it without having to touch any potentially warmer part of it. Very comfortable, affordable and convenient product. I'd highly recommend!


Prior Lake, MN


Warms without becoming too hot


I have two of these heaters, one in the upstairs and one downstairs. I bought the first one last year, and it worked so well, automatically shutting off when the temperature got high enough. This year, instead of carrying our one heater up and down the stairs, we decided to get another one! I have noticed, however, that our older one sometimes shuts off before the room gets warm. Safety This heater does not get too hot--while it is putting out heat, I can rest my feet on the corner.


Birmingham, AL


Sunbeam SLP3300UM Heater

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