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Sunbeam Purified Mist

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Too loud for me!


Our house gets super dry in the winter, we needed a new humidifier so we bought this one at Wal-Mart. We filled it up turned it on, and couldn't believe how noisy it was on both settings. We tried to let it run in our room but had to set it in the hallway and could still hear it all night. Right now it is dried out and back in the box going back to the store tomorrow. I would not recommend this to anyone, white noise is an understatement.

Wayne, NE


Sunbeam Purified Mist Humidifier seems to Work Well.


We received this humidifier as a Christmas gift. We hooked it up as soon as we got home.  The tank holds a good amount of water & says it will run up to 24 hours on the low setting. Our house is very drive, so this has yet to have a tank last 24 hours. We have filled it twice in 24 hours.  It is a fairly loud machine on both settings. Although it is loud, we are fine with it as we need some type of white noise to sleep with. We have very noisy cats who love to play all night. So far, it has kept up the moisture level in our room. With only 1 night's sleep with it, we woke up fresh & sinuses relived. Neither one of us coughed at all the entire night, which was refreshing when 1 of us works all night & trying to sleep with a cough or someone else coughing is very disturbing.  Hopefully, the product keeps working for years to come. It is nice to not have the yellow drip marks that warm mist humidifiers leave on the walls from nightly runnings.

York, PA


Sunbeam Purified Mist

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