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Sunbeam Products Inc 1.5Qt Wht Slow Cooker Slow Cookers


Rival 1.5 QT, White Slow Cooker, Removable Stoneware, 1 Heat Setting, Glass Lid, Recipe Book Included, Stoneware & Lid Are Dishwasher Safe.

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Decent small crockpot


I have used my Rival crock pot many many times in the last four years. It is a reliable crock pot and works really well for soups and stews. It can also work for small roasts and chickens. However, often I have a hard time fitting larger pieces of meat in the pot. In addition, it would be a really nice feature if I could have a timer on the crock pot so I don't have to rush home to turn it off sometimes. Whenever I make corn chowder I end up scalding the milk by leaving the crock pot on too long. The crock pot is easy to wash out and cooks the food evenly. The cover fits well on the pot and it is also very good for taking on a trip because of its compact size. The cord seems a little short sometimes and it is difficult to plug in the cord into the outlet which sits a little bit above my stove. Overall this is a very good crock pot for the price and I am sad to see that it has been discontinued.




I love this crock pot!


I am so very happy with this crock pot! I always wanted one but didn't want to spend the money on one, because I didn't "have" to have one! So when I found one at a yard sale I was SO excited! I took it home and was not sure about it since it has no temperature control knob! But I tried it out and it works PERFECT! If I would have known how much I like it I would have went and bought one a long time ago! I love it! It is the perfect size for a meal for my husband and I, so I don't have to get my big one out for a small amount of food! I use it all the time. The temperature is nice and hot but not too hot! It is so easy to use, and it is easy to clean too! Five stars from me! I would really encourage anyone to get one of these! It is the best money I've spent in a long time! Time to Heat I think it is perfect! Cooking Performance I am very happy with the performance! Ease of Cleaning This crock pot is very easy to clean Ease of Use Super easy! Design I love the design! Durability Very good quality




Very Small Crockpot Has It's Uses


This crock pot is very small. Perfect for dips or small soups, but definitely not for bigger items such as roasts or stews. Time to Heat It heats up super fast and can be very hot to the touch. There are no controls, it is plug and go for better or worse. Cooking Performance It can cook. It does not have that much space, so be careful what you put in there, but it will heat whatever you through in there up relatively quickly. Ease of Cleaning Being so small, it is super easy to clean. Wipes clean with no major issues in terms of sticking. I do not think it is dish washable, but other than that it is very easy to clean. Ease of Use Cannot be much easier, plug it in and go. Design Well designed overall, given it's size. The lid is slightly raised which makes it so you can stuff it decently well. It is small, if you have not gotten that yet, but it works great for smaller needs like dips. Durability It seems pretty durable. I am not sure how it could break, so I guess it should last a good long time.


Lake Villa, IL


Gee! How I forget


About three (3) weeks ago, my husband asked me to cook a Pot Roast, with all the goodys, which we had nOt enjoyed for at least four (4) years!  The truth of the matter is, since we had built our new home, I had never even seen it!  Then, hmmmmm, I commited to cooking it, had all the infgedients, - NOW, to find the Crock Pot!  Two (2) hours later (after I thought I would have to go buy one), I found an unmarked box, in the pantry, that had never been opened.  After a good scrubbing, I wondered if it would even work, if the time was going to work out .....and oh yes, did I remember the use of it. SUCCESS!  iT WAS MY AND SNUGGLES (MY SERVICE DOG) OUR LITTLE SECRET. HOW i HAD FORGOTTEN THE CONVENIENCE, EASY CLEAN-UP AND THE DELICIOUS MEALS IT PUT OUT- ALL IN ONE POT;  AND WHEN SECONDS WERE REQUESTED, IT WAS STILL WONDERFULLY WARM. NOW, I HAVE A EW-NEWED FRIENDSHIP!   PERHAPS YOU HAVE ONE HIDDEN AWAY.   USE IT FOR DELICIOUS, EASY AND CLEAN-UP WITH NO FUSS.    


Leesburg, FL


Great crockpot


First off, I grew up with a mother who always made our dinners and we always sat down as a family to eat these wonderfully made home cooked meals. She often used the crockpot and when I watched her, it seemed like it was something so difficult and I thought she slaved over it all day while I was at school. When I left our home and lived on my own this crockpot was one of the gifts given to me by my parents. I really had no idea out to cook and was kind of afraid of it. But one I learned some recipes it has been wonderful! I LOVE that I can just throw a hunk of meat in the crockpot, leave it and just let it cook for a few hours, add some vegetables half way through and you've got yourself a great meal that you didn't have to spend much time on! Now that I am an extremely busy mother of two (ages 2 and 9 months) I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen so any help is GREAT!


Eugene, OR


More Burn than Slow Cook


I don't know if the item pictured is the exact one I have, but I do have one of the small, older versions of the Rival crockpot. While it has lasted awhile, I have to be careful what I put inside it, as it has a tendency to burn items very easily. Anytime I use it, I have to make sure I place it on the low setting, never the high setting. And sometimes even on the low setting, it still burns. The biggest problem is with cheese dip. The reason for a slow cooker, is so that I can serve cheese dip throughout the night and it can stay hot. However with this brand, if I leave it on, the cheese dip will burn. When it burns it stains the side of the pot, and makes it very hard to clean. The other thing I had trouble with was chili. Even on the low setting, the chili was boiling in the crock pot. Overall, I prefer to use my other Rival crockpot that is bigger rather than this small one, since it burns.


West Des Moines, IA


Rival gets it right!


This is the second Rival slow cooker I have owned and have been pleased with the results. It is smaller than my previous one, this one is a 2.5 quart and my other one was a 5 qt. but the rival brand is a brand I trust. Now I can cook smaller things without having to get out my much larger roaster. It is great for cooking smaller amounts and I use mine a lot for cooking soups or small roasts. It is a breeze to clean up and makes cooking on a busy schedule much easier. I love how the stone ware crock is removeable for easy clean up. It takes up less storage space and is a really durable slow cooker. The one I own has the white base with a green stoneware crock and looks great in my kitchen. It has two differant temperatures and I have never had a problem with anything that I have cooked in it. The Rival slow cooker also seems to cool down very fast and seems to heat up fast also, but I haven't found that it cooks too hot. A timer would be a nice added feature, but since I have a timer on both my microwave and my stove, I don't feel that the Rival slow cooker is really missing anything. Once again, Rival gets it right!




This slow cooker works, but you are better off with a big one!


We've had this slow cooker for awhile, and actually my husband received it for a gift when he went to college...so it has seen a lot. We have a bigger one that we use most of the time, but this can come in handy. It has two features: low and high. The lid doesn't fit as well as it could and it actually seems very cheap to me. It also gets very warm on the side, and in mine, the crock doesn't come out, so it is a bit of a pain to clean. This does work and it does cook, but it cooks really high to me, even on the low setting. I was once using both crock pots, and had soup in each one, and left them cooking. When I got home, this little one had dried out and burned on the side and I had to add a bit more liquid so that the soup was actually soup and not a casserole. It has done better with meats, and we use it a lot for baked potatoes, but I never want to make soup in it again...and I prefer to use it when I am home. I prefer to use the bigger crock pot!


Sterling, CO


nice pot


the rival 2.5 quart slow cooker or crock pot has been a much used item in our house! esspecially during work weeks it is easy to make a warm homecooked meal with little effort spent, i ussually make soups or cassaroles night before and store the pot with lid in my refridgerator till morning and then stick it in to cook before work, and its good to go by the time five o clock rolls around. i have even done mini butterball turkeys in this pot and they turn out excellent as well very moist! i definatly suggest this as a wedding gift or birthday present for young familys of young adults it is truley a time and money saver and a lot healthier option that fast food or dinners out all the time! i love my rival crock pot.


Toledo, OH


Rival 2.5 Quart Slow Cooker


I have had my Rival 2.5 Quart Slow cooker for years now and would not be without it. It is great for those days that you are busy and running or for those hot summer days when you do not want to heat up your kitchen. I like the fact that the Rival Slow cooker has a romovable crock for easy cleaning. This also comes in handy for me to fill it the night before and place it in the refrigerator so it is ready to put in the next morning. There is only two settings, low and high but this has never been a problem for me, I have not missed having any of the other cooking settings like some of the larger more expensive models may have. I cook everything from roast, pork, vegetables, and soup in my Rival Slow Cooker and have wonderful results everytime, I don.t have to worry about my food being underdone or overdone. The Rival 2.5 quart slow cooker is the perfect size for just 2 people and I have no need for one of the larger ones. I would recommend this to everyone.


Bedford, KY


Sunbeam Products Inc 1.5Qt Wht Slow Cooker Slow Cookers

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