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Sunbeam Portable Compact Slim Profile Electric Heater

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Would buy again!


I got this heater to keep our townhouse warm. It is easy to move, gives good heat for small to medium rooms and easily used! My kids can use it with a push of a button and they are 4, 3, and 1. I also love that it shuts off automatically when temperature is met to keep the bill as low as possible!



One Hot Little Number- The Sunbeam Slim Profile Heater!


Baby it's cold outside... but, not inside when you use the Sunbeam Slim Profile Space Heater! This heater is a great value if you need to heat a small room and save on your home heating costs. One of the best features of the Sunbeam Slim Profile Space Heater is it's compact size and ease of portability. The heater is very light and can be picked up and carried with one hand. This is nice when moving from room to room, or offices and you want a little extra warmth. Another great feature of the Sunbeam Heater is the safety features. The heater has an automatic tipover-shutoff switch to prevent any risk of fire. The grill of the heater is cool to the touch and the ceramic heating element is far inside to prevent burns. Lastly, the best overall facet of the Sunbeam Slim Profile Space Heater is the price. This is very inexpensive and is an amazing value, especially if you are trying to pinch a few pennies when it come to home heating costs. Good luck finding a better quality heater for the money that has this many features.  

Curtice, OH


Sunbeam 1Touch Oscilating Heater keeps me warm


Since we put hardwood in my office on a slab house, my office gets a little cool. Plus the windows aren't the best and Missouri gets COLD. The Sunbeam 1Touch Oscilating Heater was a gift from my husband just to help keep me warm. I have enjoyed being able to turn it on and heat up the entire room. It keeps my feet, hands, and legs warm throughout the day.  It has a auto feature on it that only blows as long as it needs to and then shuts off when it's to the temp you set.  I really like the Sunbeam 1Touch Oscilating Heater and I'm so glad I have one. I like the fact that I can set the fan to HI or Low because I have conference calls throughout the day and no one wants to hear a fan running in the background. On the low setting you can barely even tell it is on.... but you can definitely feel the warmth from it.  It isn't big and bulky and ugly either, like older models from others were. This nice design allows it to be out and not be an eye sore. 

Columbia, MO


Sunbeam space heater - good for small rooms


I am a total weakling when it comes to cold weather so having space heater both in the home and at work have become a nessessity.  This Sunbeam space heater is great for the office space or a small room in close range to where you need the heat concentrated.  It works well and quickly heats up my area and is very easy to operate with simple features and control options.  The unit itself seems to be rather durable and i admit to have accidently kicked it or knocked it over a few times.  It is rather quite as far a noise generation which is defintly a plus over other units that Ive had in the past.  The only issue I have is I wish it had a timer feature so I could remember to sut it off when the work day is done otherwise it runs so well that I forget i even have it on and I do want it to last so I'd rather not have it runnig when I am a away from the office.  So far this unit laster last cold season and is doing fine in this one, which is more than I can say for other models I have had in the past which seem to putter out after only a few months. 

San Bernardino, CA


Love this heater, just wish it could last longer.


         Love this heater. These are the only heaters my family buys now. It runs great, heats up a whole room, you cn choose the temperature for it to heat with a simple button, you can put it on the ground, or you can hang it up. This heater is almost perfect. The only problem is the last about 2 seasons and start to go. They start blowing cold air, blowing very little, start to make funny noises and smells like burning plastic. If these heaters lasted longer it would be the perfect heater.

Kempton, PA


The Sunbean 1 Touch heater is safe to use around small children.


I have nothing, but good things to say about the Sunbeam 1Touch heater.  Do you have small children or maybe a curious baby crawling around?  Then safety is a issue.  Maybe you  would like to save on your electric bill and use a small heater to warm up small areas.  Rather, than use the central heat. Well with this 1 touch heater you don't have to worry about your little ones burning themselves  on it. We all know they will eventually make there way to the heater.  Well you can rest assure they want get burned.  It's best to have a heater on the floor since heat rises and even though this little heater does generate quite a bit of heat, the housing  for the heater remains cool to the touch.  with the multiple heat setting to allow the desire temperature you will feel very comfortable. It shuts off when the desired temperature is reached or it can be set to continue running if it gets knocked over it will get a little hot than shut off. So I feel this is a safe and efficient little heater.

Baton Rouge, LA


Sunbeam Portable Compact Slim Profile Electric Heater

4.2 6